Friday, May 24, 2013

There's Smash and there's Trash!

Two gowns, pink, feathers and beads but a world of class between.  That's Laura Dern with her father, Bruce, in the image above. Delicate beading, necklace to match and just enough feathers to float.
 And here's our favourite 'Trash Girl' Paris Hilton also in pink, feathers and beads.  Chop off the train of garish feathers, take them up to the beaded part or the beaded part down to the feathers and it might be passable for the Burlesque stage. Smart girl though, the dress hides her feet and she has enormous clodhoppers.

At the moment, this is my favourite gown.  Milla Jovovich wears ruffles but not too ruffly. And great sparkly shoes, platforms, so loses points but at least she doesn't look like she has chook feet all bone and sinews, so gains points.

That silver detailing is all beading and the neckline is low but there's no chance of her having a wardrobe malfunction.  Do the clicky thing and drool for the earrings, gorgeous.  I think I'll have this in my usual burgundy colour. I'd better take the neckline up a bit, I would definitely have a wardrobe malfunction if I tried it this low.


Ann ODyne said...

Pretty fwocks, but where to wear them if one has no movie to promote.
I love that Bruce Dern, age 77 and probably still getting flashes of all the acid he took in the sixties, is at Cannes, the Gatsby Cannes, to promote his main role in Nebraska, and he played the 2nd lead in Gatsby of 40 years ago. He's a legend.

River said...

Dress number one gets my gold star, dress number three a silver star. Dress number two.....I'll donate that one to the Salvos.

JahTeh said...

Annie, he's also the star of my favourite sci-fi movie "Silent Running", I bawl every time I watch it. He still looks good at 77, Redford doesn't.

River, a silver star, a few too many ruffles? What would we do for snarks without Paris. I hate the new fashion for the boob side views. You might get away with the droop on a front view but not the sides.

River said...

Definitely too many ruffles. side boobs should never, ever be seen in public.

Brian Hughes said...

Who are these people? I'm too old to go to the cinema these days.

JahTeh said...

River, I could put up with the ruffles because the top is so good and Milla carries it off so well.
I am so sick of seeing droopy side boobs and boney backs in nothing dresses. I think it's why I liked this so much.

MiLord, I don't have a clue either and if I manage to see a movie, it's Sci-fi and on pensioner's cheap day so I don't have to put up with juvenile popcorn munchers breathing down my neck. I also hate people who race out as soon as the movie finishes. I like watching the credits and making the clean-up crew wait for me to leave.