Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Marianne Faithful's 'Little Bird' is on earworm after this.

Who says humans are the best inventors.
This little bird, the sociable weaver (Philetairus socius) and his mates build these huge communal nests from sticks and grass which last for decades and are homes to multiple families.
They live in the Kalahari desert, sweltering sun by day, freezing at night but the thick thatch protects the birds from both. Usually they would build the nests in trees and trees aren't exactly abundant in the Kalahari so the birds use the telegraph poles and as you look into the distance you can see the nests down  a straight line of poles. Do the clicky thing as it looks great as wallpaper.
Food is not abundant either so the birds don't breed until they are 2 years old and living communally means there are always workers to repair any disintegration of the nests. Utilizing the telegraph poles means the birds have expanded their living range where before they were confined to wherever they could find suitable trees.

You can find more of Dillon Marsh's images of these fantastic nests here and also have a look at his black and white images of shipwrecks off the Cape.


Elephant's Child said...

Such a clever bird. You do find some truly wonderful things to share - thank you.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

oh brilliant!

River said...

What a clever bird! and the nests almost make the poles look like trees.
I like to think of them all coming home at night to a happy little community.

Brian Hughes said...

That's all very well, but could they design a microwave oven?

R.H. said...

I had it on an EP, I remember walking down Swanston Street with it to get home and play it. Years later I saw her climbing off a barge in Singapore. Marianne.

Hi Bri, old buddy.

JahTeh said...

EC, I really liked his shipwreck photos. Black and white seems to make them more dramatic.

Fenstar, I can see Alex up those poles in a single jump.

River, with them all living together I wonder where the dementia department is.

MiLord, the way the seas are rising you'd better book your pole in Fleetwood now.

Robbert, she had a damn sweet voice, pity she got mixed up with Jagger.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm not a 'twitcher' but, when I do bother to sit still, shut up and observe them, they really do have a completely separate world up there, don't they?

Thanks for sharing this - you've learned me something today.

Ann ODyne said...

birds are just amazing. do you remember watching Sesame Street and seeing 'Weave Little Weaver Bird'?