Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thank you Annie O for the feather toy.

 He likes his toys all tied together, catnip dragon, ball of wool in velvet, Christmas scrunchie he found under the chair and Miss O'Dyne's lovely bird feathers arranged to look like the real thing.
So he had good fun screaming round the lounge room and throwing feather toy and leaping like 10 lords a dancing until he was exhausted and landed on my foot.
Ten minutes later I look down at my foot and there is a river of blood flowing into my crappy old thong. It went through the holes and spread and kept spreading and flowing.
I'm still trying to get the stain out of my rug.  I had to hip hop over to my bag and get an antiseptic wipe and the river is still flowing. All he'd done was prong me with the tip of his claw but it had pierced a little vein and it was everywhere.  Not an artery, too dark for that, just a vein and I had felt nothing.
Good thing I'm used to the sight of blood and it is time the thongs went into the bin.  The cat never opened an eye or offered to help.


Ann ODyne said...

oh dear - but he is a sweetie and didn't mean to injure you.
Um, those 10 minutes? was it a nana-nap? maybe he was trying to wake you up? That is a good thing, he must be like those dogs that know when someone is going to have an attack.

Elephant's Child said...

Ouch. But your beautiful boy didn't mean to hurt you - unlike Jazz who attacked me yesterday and today. Buckets of blood. He enjoyed it, and purred up a storm.

Elephant's Child said...

The skinny one just oohed and aaahed. 'He is a really, really nice looking cat'. (And he is right.)

Brian Hughes said...

Cats are better when they're asleep. Apart from the snoring.

River said...

You felt nothing? holy cow! I would have screeched the house down! Good thing you looked down when you did then or you might have left a trail all over the place. So much more to clean up than one spot on the carpet. The thongs would wash clean, I used to wash mine every week in the summer.

Andrew said...

I do like Miss O'Dyne's gift of feathers to train him up for the real thing when he is outside. He will be laying gifts for you on the doorstep in no time.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I was engrossed in something on the teev and if I did have an attack he would just look and start thinking about how to get his cans of food open or how long to chew through his plastic kibble bucket.

EC, not like your ubermonsters and their bloodlust, he really is a sweet lump.

MiLord, the two cats and you snoring together, the poor neighbours not to mention the roof shingles.

River, what could I feel after the lump had touched down. The creature weighs a tonne. At least I can tell the Doc that my circulation is working well.

Andrew, the only way this IceBear would catch a bird is if it fell lifeless into his open mouth. They sit up in the apple tree and spit on him except for the maggies, they just walk up and stare him down.