Thursday, May 09, 2013

My eyes got gold stars.

I had several brilliant posts but I can't see to post anything.  Stupid eye drops that make the iris look like a lunar eclipse and makes me not be able to see at all.  Cat didn't believe me until I dropped the contents of the can on his paw.
Now the cost of eye glass lenses is/are "oh dear lord, I'm heading for the poor house' expensive.
Good news is I have wonderfully healthy eyes and an empty bank account.
In more good news, there is now a company that puts nose pads on plastic frames for numpties like me who need the lens to be a certain distance from my eyes which doesn't happen with plastic nose pads.   And you still can't get a decent size pair of glasses unless you throw a Britney and scream to have lens put in sunglasses.
Mothers Day afternoon went off without a bang only because they were all asleep until the tea trolley rattled.  And I have to go down again tomorrow. It's fish lunch so I have to arrive with party pies or mother starves.  We've discovered why the cook is so crap at cooking, her credentials come not from a cooking school but from being the tea lady.  I bet her fecking tea was crap as well.
Now going to feel my way around the kitchen, cook and not set fire to the pan, again.


Brian Hughes said...

My specs are trifocals. The various bits of my eyes appear to be ageing at differing speeds than the rest of me.

River said...

I've just got new glasses, three pairs and they've cost me a small fortune. the reading glasses are fine, the prescription sunglasses are also fine, but the bi-focals, well, first they "lost" them, then the reading part of the lens wasn't big enough and had a blind spot so I took them back, they "lost" them again, now the reading part of the lens is crooked on the right side. I'll have to take them back again. Each pair was over $300. I'm not using that company again.

JahTeh said...

Hah, MiLord, trifocals my foot, you have 3 eyes and I always knew you were an alien.

River, there should be a blog, 'Eye Glasses disasters'. I tried bifocals and walked into the glass door when leaving the store. Straight back and bought separate glasses.

Elephant's Child said...

I am putting off getting new glasses because it is such a revolting procedure. Too expensive etc, etc. I may have to bite the bullet about bifocals (again). I need glasses to read almost ANYTHING at the moment (another MS joy). And thank you so much for your brilliant suggestion about getting the lenses put into sunglass frames - I like large frames and have been frustrated that they are not available.

River said...

@Elephant's Child; have you noticed the print is getting smaller on so many things? Newspapers, phone books, the small print bottles and cans of things? Our newspaper here isn't too bad unless the pages have "ghosted" as they went through the printing machine, but our phone books are impossible to read even with a magnifying glass.

Elephant's Child said...

River: Yes. The supermarket is a source of frustration for me. I like to check labels - but often cannot read them. I don't eat meat, but the skinny person does. And I am appalled at how little meat goes into many sausages for example...

Ann ODyne said...

Glad to know your sight is good dear JahTeh. I would be so upset if you didnt see iBear on your chair and sat on him.
yes El Chi - all bloggers know what font size 6 is. the smallest. Food labelling has smaller fonts than that.
River that is so terrible - name and shame.
dear Coppy - good on you for stamping your foot till you got what you wanted. I tried to get prescription lenses into frames not supplied by the optician, and was told it could not possibly be done.
What I love is that the $300 frames are identical to 'readers' that are $5 in the reject shop.
I cannot see well enough to drive at night confidently, and I wonder how often this contributes to crash statistics.

JahTeh said...

EC, it's just the cost of all the different parts. The new photo they take of the back of your eyeball is not covered by Medibank Private or Medicare.
A good tip given by Mr Optomcuteness, was not to get all my reading glasses done as my short sight hadn't altered that much and I could use different glasses for reading or computer.

River, my life is spent trying to read the labels on groceries and I'm sure they do it on purpose to discourage us.

EC. you said sausages and someone in the neighbourhood is having a barbie and I can smell sausages and fried onions. It's not so much the eating but the drool making smell.

Annie O, it's hard to miss a white elephant sitting on my chair.
I always go to OPSM, not the cheapest but they have 30 years of records to hand but try and get them to hand over your prescription and it's like you asked for their heart to be ripped out.
About the night driving, I don't wear sunglasses for the same reason, I just don't see properly through smokey lens.