Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is a shoe without a foot?

Actually better looking than the feet. Is that a pleasant sight in the above image? Wrinkled skin around the heel, veins bulging, and somebody shoot the toes and put them out of their misery.
Notice the gap at the back and the high arch where the shoe doesn't fit and once again the toes are screaming for help.
Oh this poor pair of feet.  Chinese girls were forced to bind their feet to make them small and dainty and she has done this of free will.  It might look elegant from 20 metres away but up close and personal, ugly stance, veins and red pressure marks.
These squished toes belong to Emma Watson. Hermione would have been much more sensible, still she could have given Voldemorte a jolly good kicking and turned and stabbed a vein as well.
It was a toss up between these two pairs of feet to get the ultimate ugly and old spikey up above got the award. These feet do not belong to some old crone but it's a good thing ugly doesn't rise like dough. Those veins are above the ankle and heading north. Red marks rapidly morphing into blisters, scrunched toes and those awful Louboutins with spikes. A real winner.
And runner-up but only because I can't see a bulgy vein but those poor toes trying desperately to escape imprisonment and failing.  And all of these feet without the comfort of hosiery but I suppose they couldn't work out how to get pantyhose on beneath or over the Spanx.

Yes I am in a bitch of a mood, wear it.


DK said...

The wearer has absolutely no respect for her feet in the last pic - her toenails are not even painted. That's total feet abuse.

Elephant's Child said...

Sad and painful feet - which will be accompanied by a sad and painful back and hips. Nooooo.

JahTeh said...

DK, so right. I love my toenails painted but with diabetes it has to be clear or pale to see if you've got gangrene or not.
With me, it was always sparkling gold.

EC, I can imagine the pain of getting out of those and having to stretch the tendons to put the feet flat.

River said...

Those poor, poor feet!! Why do otherwise sensible women do this to themselves??
When these women are our age, they'll wonder why they have so much trouble with their crippled toes and knees.

Middle Child said...

I think the pretty shoes gene skipped me - even young I preferred comfort first

JahTeh said...

River, my first pay packet went on a pair of low heels from London and I ditched the spike heels. A two mile hike home from the train station every night nearly killed me. I haunted shoe sales for bargains.

Middle Child, I do have the shoe gene but not the feet to wear them but I do remember that I walked quite differently when wearing them and the pleasure when I removed them.

ur mudda said...

You CopperWitch, that fifth capture shows a young ladie's bEAUTIFUL feet; so they're a little blemished, you don't know what she's been through- & veins on her feet are finely gorgeous-- you don't know what ur talkin' 'bout *itch!