Monday, August 19, 2013

I think I broke something.

The new entertainment unit...with cat.  He likes it, he can lie full length on the top with his head out of the hole in the curtain resting on the window sill. The delivery blokes kindly put the tv on the cabinet but I got to move all the small (but heavy) cupboards out of the way and the dvd player and the video player and the cords and the speakers and the dvds and the side table and the coffee table.

He had fun walking from one thing to another until I managed to drag the damn thing into the hall. I swear the first thing I do when I win Tattslotto is put wheels on everything in this house. I know Pine plantations are unkind to little animals but better than chopping down old growth trees just to make an entertainment unit. I worried that I wouldn't like it, having bought it on line from Early Settler but I don't even notice it. That's the mark of a good buy, feels like it's been there forever.
The BOH came that night and hooked everything up even the video player but I haven't untangled the speakers yet and I don't really need surround sound so maybe just hook up the large speaker.

So now I have a remote, three remotes which are labelled which is terrific during a political campaign, annoy me and you're gone. I paid for half the tv, mum paid the other half for my birthday and the unit I'll pay for out of the fixed deposit at the end of August.

That was the plan but after reading through my 2006/07 journal, I think I will leave it as payment for services rendered.  I needed some legal stuff that I knew was somewhere in the big journals I keep, as distinct from the day to day diary, but that saying about never looking back, so true, so very true.
I am amazed that we did not shove a pillow over mother's head. What a bitch she was and given that in 2006 we still had three years of horror to go before she went into the nursing home, I amazed that we survived. My sister gambled and drank, I ate and the BOH banged the dents out of cars with a large hammer. We scratched for money.  I was pretty low last week and thought that even money wouldn't make me happy, wrong.  2006 I didn't have anything and I was miserable. I suppose I blogged the crazy funny bits and that kept me sane but she was outrageous. Most of it was pain affecting her mind, not having proper food although the freezer was always full and eventually we had Meals on Wheels delivered. I can't tell you everything, I've been trying to let it flow away all weekend but she rang last night and I almost threw the phone across the room.  The three of us stuck together through it all until she went to the Home.
I am not going to ever open the 2008/9 journals, not while she's still with us.


Elephant's Child said...

Ouch. How well I remember the horrors... And it didn't get better where my mama was concerned. Yes there are some outrageous stories, but the behaviour was extraordinary too.
I think claiming the entertainment unit/cat condominium as payment for services rendered sounds more than fair.

River said...

Early Settler! I knew the unit looked familiar, I've seen it in the catalogues. They have nice things.
I think you're very wise not to read those journals for a few more years yet.

Ann ODyne said...

yes River - it is the Early Settler cat play centre. he is so happy. I hope Copperwitch has a DVD of that great movie Cats & Dogs. I loved it and IceBear will too.
I know the difference between a casket and a coffin, and now some people on the edge of my life are going to learn the difference between a funeral and a burial. Why? you don't ask but I will tell you about extraordinary geriatric behaviour: the late Mr Magoo gave $80,000 to the brother of a friend (I have never seen) and they were repaying $200 per week. This isn't funny unless you know Magoo was 90.

Dear Coppy, please go easy on moving heavy things. X X

M said...

I was just reading through some old paper journals. Sometimes you THINK you remember the shit until you open the actual journal and read it for yourself... then you REALLY remember it in a whoooole new way.

JahTeh said...

EC, she doesn't remember a single day of being home. She did say today that it's almost 4 years since she came to the Home and how it was the best thing ever. Hoorah to that.

River, those journals may never be opened after the last few days. It all came flooding back and I don't know how I got through it.

Annie O, I do have Cats and Dogs and love it.
$200 a week, oh they were laughing all the way to luxury weren't they. Any chance of reclaiming the lot without actually brandishing a shotgun?

M, you are so right. I didn't know how much information I'd put in about my sister at the time. Real life stuff not the psychological evaluations she likes to do on me. Another thing was the blogs I used to read, nearly all gone now, stupid FaceBook.

Andrew said...

The wires Quasimodo, the wires. They will do you in, if moving heavy stuff doesn't.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, do you notice you can comment on my blog because I have pop-up comments?
And I can't abuse you any more because you don't!

It wasn't so much the heaviness of the cupboards but the awkwardness with no where to grip to pull and impossible to push. That pine cupboard the cat is on took 3/4 of an hour to get into place in the study. I want wheels on everything.
The wires are now out of sight behind the unit.