Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Apparently to be mentally healthy, I should have dreams. Dreams have been few are far between lately except for this one and it doesn't take Freud to interpret what it meant.
I hate falling asleep in the afternoon I always wake up feeling like something the cat dragged in instead of being full of zing,
So phone rings, waking me up which is why the dream was so vivid. 
I am on the veldt, in Africa, on safari, on foot. Actually nightmare considering I'm the right size for lion food and safari is not my thing unless I'm toting an elephant gun through the lobby of the Windsor Hotel on the way to my suite.
So, on the veldt, I feel the need to pee, really need, desperate. I keep finding bushes to hide behind but the gazelles also find me and gallop past. 
So gazelles galloping, I should forget them and pee but gazelles gallop when chased by larger things with teeth and appetites. I move to another bush, gazelles gallop. Oh the need to pee! 
Phone rings, mother, naturally. And I really do need to pee. And I hear gazelles galloping.
No gazelles, two kids on skateboards outside my fence.
No lions.
Lord it was nice to pee in peace.


Elephant's Child said...

Aaargh. Those dreams worry me. I check the bed as I get up to ensure that my need has not been as urgent as it felt.
And peeing in peace is BLISS.

River said...

I dreamed once that I needed to get up and pee, but couldn't wake up so wet the bed. When I finally did wake up for real, it was a big relief to find I HADN'T wet the bed.
I don't get the connection between dreams and being healthy. Every one dreams I've been told, even if the dreams aren't remembered. Yet everyone isn't healthy. My ex has bad dreams often, sometimes nightmares, he's certainly not healthy, being mentally unbalanced as he is.

Pearl said...

The one and only time I wet the bed as a child (past potty-training, anyway) I was 12 and had a very similar dream -- only in my dream, I went ahead and peed!

Yep. Wet the bed. :-)

Greetings from Minneapolis,


JahTeh said...

EC, it was different from my usual 'glass toilet in the middle of a busy road' dream but the gazelles were really pretty.

River, nightmares are not good and dreaming in bold red isn't good for some reason. I do keep a pen and paper beside the bed to record dreams but I'm usually too busy getting up to pee.

Pearl, I am right there with you. It's that deep sleep that you can't climb out of that does it and dreaming of waterfalls.
How's the weather in Minneapolis?