Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger stole my blog.

Every time I tried to write a post, blogger said I'd logged out somewhere else, would I like to sign in again. If I said yes, it directed me to dashboard where there was no place to sign in, if I clicked close, the page I needed wouldn't load. I managed to find the compose page address hidden somewhere else and opened the door there. It's now telling me an error occurred while trying to save, I can try again or ignore warning. I am ignoring. I've done two virus scans, nothing showed up except an invitation to upgrade with money.
The dvd player, has something wrong with it. It plays the background music, various noises but not the people speaking. I thought the new dvd was defective but trying another was the same. The manual isn't helpful and the BOH hasn't yet hooked up the sound system. He called in yesterday to do it but the baby had fallen asleep in the car and I refused to let him break rule number one, let sleeping babies lie. He did put my curbside rescue tv out on the nature strip for the hard rubbish collection for someone else to rescue. Not much in the way of good pickings this year although I managed to snaffle a very new lamp shade of an unfortunate burnt orange colour which will come up nicely.
Another of mum's roomies has popped her clogs. She had a stroke, just a small one at first when she fell face flat in her dinner but steadily declined over a week. Strange not to hear that voice so soft when it usually could cut through plate glass.  Something has gone very wrong with the Home.
I'm going on mother's observations here, but a doctor wasn't called immediately neither was her daughter. Over the week the old dear became more and more distressed and in pain. Her doctor came, said there was nothing to be done and did not order morphine to ease the pain, her daughter demanded a second opinion and morphine was given so Annie Joyce slid silently away. It appears that Doc Marvin is the only one who has it on record that if anything out of the ordinary happens with my mother he is to be called immediately. I know he's the only doctor that comes weekly to check on her. My sister has medical Power of Attorney for me and she is a believer in bucket loads of painkillers towards the end.

As for me, well it's been a very bad month. Fortunately while there's food in the fridge, I never get to the suicidal end stage but it's been a close run thing these past weeks. I have no friends to talk to and emailing blogmates when they all have their own trouble seems an intrusion. Talk to my sister. The sister who has just had holidays and did not tell me, did not ring and say, coffee? beer at the pub?, nothing, not a word. Talking to Doc Marvin is an option but I don't know what to say or where to start in the allocated 10 minutes. Of course I could sum it up in a few words, I've put on too much weight since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I'm depressed but not able to get out of the house to exercise because I'm too frightened to get to the front gate unless it's to get in a taxi, I hate my mother, I hate my sister and I hate my son for dying on me. That was one thing that really killed me on election day, going to the school and getting overwhelmed with memories, so much so that I could barely walk without wanting to throw up. I even by-passed the sausage sizzle and the cake stall. I walked home holding on to fences until I had a cup of coffee at the shop and sat for a while in the sun until my heart found it's way back into my body. I held on to more fences to get home. 
I haven't really picked up since then.
I've barely been able to get dressed but mother is always calling. Showering is fun until the water goes cold and I have to get out and go through the hurting bits of drying the mountain. Nothing is working without several ouches and bad language. I should be grateful for the cat, if I didn't have to feed him I wouldn't get out of bed, he makes me function. I was happier, felt healthier and had a big but reasonably stable weight until I was diagnosed with Diabetes now it's all blood tests, pills, and anxiety about everything. I'm bombarded with conflicting advice from all sides and the bastards keep moving the goal posts. After being told not to use diet drinks or slimming bars, it's now been decided that this is okay for a fast weight loss to begin with. I was told off for doing this, really told off but now it's okay.

Enough about me. I wonder how Tones is going, bunking down with the boys?  Can you imagine what he would have said if Julia had booked a room with the CWA. And Julie Bishop, she's not going to pay over 30 grand for a first class seat to USA, business class is fine with her like the rest of us don't know she'll be upgraded for free. Bronwyn Bishop, our new Speaker, she's going to pull them into line and civilise Parliament as it should be. Good luck on that Bron. It's all a noxious mess but I'm glad Julia had her say at last.


Elephant's Child said...

This is a heart-hurting post, and blogger doing the dirty on you must have been the last straw.
And if ever you want to talk/whinge/bitch or moan I would be very happy. It seems only fair to me - I have certainly dumped in your lap.

River said...

Blogger loves to play games..."error occurred while trying to save..." I get that all the time, just ignore it.
funny about your dvd not having voices, just background sounds, perhaps a connection has been plugged into the wrong spot. Why can't they make these things simple for us. Plug in, switch on, it works! Woooodn't it be luuverly...
Really sad news about the Home going downhill, do the families have to request doctor visits on the admission forms? Perhaps they're forgetting to tick that box.
I think your sister is mean, not even asking you out for a coffee!
Next election, do a postal vote, that way you can avoid the school.
Lastly, go ahead and email me as much as you like, what are friends for?

Andrew said...

Spend some to time to master things of internet. Some twenty years after it came onto my horizon, it is still imperfect, but somewhat better.

As you know, I will always answer an email from you, and as you know, I don't have answers.

The world of blog and the real world of people don't have to be separate. There are people here for you.

R.H. said...

You sent me a Christmas card last year and I immediately sent one back without really looking at it but it seemed a funny card, then later I feared it may have been rude or maybe offensive (latte word). Anyway, if you email me I probably won't get it because I'm not at optus anymore but I always get any hotmail that's sent. I don't know much about how the internet works and I'm not interested in finding out. There are bloggers who are experts. Good. I'm not sure what to say about mother. I think she's run her race. You're still going. The 60s and the 70s were exciting times, the past thirty years have been crap. The latte set are crap. What's come from them? "Oh the poor abos, the poor reffos, the poor homos..." CRAP. How about the POOR! Golly. even an old plonko had good stories to tell.
Big woman you are funny and I know it's an effort. But you succeed. That's why I'm here. For your warmth.

Amy Pond said...

I have read your blog a lot for several years,
and what keeps amazing me is your great sense of
humor, even amidst adversity. You are a role model, you know. Another thing
that is awesome about you is how considerate you
are to your commenters. I think you are
an amazing person and I consider you a friend
even tho you don't know anything about me.
Suffice it to say I have known depression
myself. There isn't much I can do but encourage you to continue to reach out to those who know you.

Email these regular commenting friends you have. You all seem to be of like minds.

And when your stupid bl*gger acts up, think about the
hilarious notice that Firefox sends me when it
crashes: They tell me "Well, this is
embarrassing...." [Really? The computer program
is embarrassed???? What lane-brained geek thought that was cute to write? ] Or laugh at the queer notice that bl*gger sometimes gives me regarding them helping me by "preventing site cross-scripting". [Whatever the ell that means.] Or laugh once more at the subject line that a catalog clothing co. sent to me "We need to talk". [Yeah. About how you should stop sending me your daily spams with personal subject lines.. what marketing brilliance signed off on that one?]

As one of my acquaintances says, I like radio. I never got a virus from turning on my radio.

And when your stupid DVD player won't work, if your computer still works, go to
youtube and look at funny animal videos, or cat
videos (Have you seen any of Henri's cat videos
on youtube -- go to YouTube and type in "Henri
7" to find his latest.)

Or look at the looney tunes foster kittens, now
7 wks. old... I have been watching them grow up
on livestream for several weeks, and their
reaction the other day to the guy's Ipad cat
toys program was
hysterical -- as was the mother cat's reaction
earlier today to her now being in heat while
being cooped up in a room with her 7-wk. old
kittens. When you go there you can use the bar
below the pic to watch things that happened
after the fellow re-sets the camera each day.
They have very active play sessions at this age.
If you expand the picture to full size you can
get the bar to give you accuracy to 10-min.
increments or so.

The internet is full of kittens!

I hope some of this cheered you. I know none of this takes the place of a real
hug. Email these people who have commented here
and who have your email address, and give that
lucky cat of yours a hug, too. All I can say is
that if I lived nearby, I'd definitely pop in
and spend time laughing and visiting with you,
because I know I like you. I just know it.

Amy Pond said...

Oh and my comment looks like poetry... not saying it isn't, but it's really just because I wrote it in my email program because the box is bigger and I then copied and pasted it here... blogger's dialog box is too tiny for me to write long things in. : )

Elephant's Child said...

Amy Pond: I do like you. Jahteh is very special indeed.

River said...

@Amy Pond; blogger's dialogue box lets you write as much as you want. Just keep writing and the scroll bar appears to allow you to keep going.

Amy Pond said...

@River, thanks, I know. It is just that having a larger screen to work in (larger in width and length, without scrolling) helps me compose my letters more thoughtfully. We all have our idiosyncrasies I guess.

But it's JahTeh who I am hoping will feel better, real soon. I just wish I lived nearby and we'd go out for a walk and a low-cal beverage every day.

JahTeh said...

EC, like you don't get enough at lifeline.
I know what's wrong I just don't know how to fix it.

River, even if you have children who know what you want if you ever get really ill, it has to be put on paper and signed and frequently updated. I have realized that I must leave a letter for my nephew to remind him that when I go, he must change the ownership of the family plot to his name with my eldest granddaughter as the next in line. Only because he freaks out every time I mention it.

Andrew, time I would love to have to master just blogger. Keep my posts in mind, I see the same things about your mother in your future and it's very hard to deal with, especially when they forget everything except how much of a saint they are.

Rochester, I remember being poor but never down and out like some unfortunate people are now. Trouble is, the old jobs you could pick up for a few days are long gone. Isn't it nice that PM Abbott is bringing back 'work for the dole', just when I thought 'dole' had become a lost word. I still have your card.

Amy Pond, keep this up and you'll find a place in my will. Cats on the internet, what would we do without them, probably go crazy looking at politicians.
I know one thing, when I have to go into a nursing home it better have wifi because I'll be blogging and bitching til the end.

Elephant's Child said...

I am a firm believer in 'give us this day our daily whinge'. Sometimes it is essential - and I meant it, I would be very, very happy to get emails from you.