Thursday, September 05, 2013

Spring Madness.

The spring rash has started. I've been careful not to walk in the grass because Eric the Mower hasn't been and it's getting a bit out of hand, so no rash on the legs. Great lumping cat comes in last night plonks his head down on my chest and goes to sleep and by the time I'm going to bed, rash is up and going. I know where's he's been, I could smell it. He's been rolling in the flowering Jasmine on the back fence. I just forgot I had on a dress with a low neckline. Of course it could be the election that's making me break out in itches. What a load of prats. If I never see Clive Palmer's  face again it will be a good thing. I'm not watching the polls, I'll be watching Harry Potter and eating chocolate to calm my nerves. I might take a peek to see who is winning in LaTrobe because the Lib there is someone I detest and if he does win, I hope he celebrates so much he falls over a cliff.
Good news though, coming past the local school, there is a big sign: Saturday, BBQ and Cake Stall and underneath, polling booth. Priorities right on the mark.
And Andrew your taste in men is appalling so you're not ever getting one for your birthday again. Nothing wrong with redheads either as long as their eyes are green. Now put your comments back to pop-up box, I miss insulting you so much. 
I see footballers haven't learnt much this season but setting fire to a dwarf is lowering the bar to a new low.  Never mind what they're injecting themselves with, why doesn't someone test whatever is in the water they're drinking. Oh silly me, water? Test the beer, vodka, gin, whiskey or whatever else they're pouring down their gullets. String up the next idiot from the goal post by his feet for the duration of the match and maybe some brain matter will dribble down to where it should be.
Crap I hate football and whining cricketers, if they ever take up politics, I'll take up offshore swimming.


Elephant's Child said...

Perhaps we could start a synchronised offshore swimming team... though I have no grace and cannot even synchronise myself. The ugliness you suggest would be a good incentive though.

Marshall Stacks said...

I hope the rash clears swiftly and assume you have calomine lotion on hand.
Footballers clearly do not read the papers, or, are really really stupid. After the disgusting North Melbourne video episode, surely ... oh I give up. they're footballers. scum.

Saturday is going to be SO VILE there will be chocolate overdoses packing the emergency wards from Wantirna to Warrnambool.

River said...

Speaking of off-shore swimming, did you hear about the woman who swam from Cuba or somewhere, across the ocean to somewhere else that I've forgotten, (it was in last weekend's paper), she is 64.
64! and she's swimming across oceans! I can barely make a length of the pool without stopping for breath.
I'm not a fan of red hair on men either, especially that pale washed out orangey tone. Dark red is better and I have lots of women friends with glorious red hair.
I'll have to make another chocolate cake with jam and cream filling to munch on while I watch anything else, but not the election coverage.

Marshall Stacks said...

River I saw the photo of that incredible woman swimmer and recognised instantly the shape of 80 kgs, so with all that exercise she gets ... well I don't have to feel slothful if I read all day, so I thank her for that. and Venus Williams as well. 8 hours a day thwacking that ball and she is huge anyhow. I'm OK.

Coppy the grass grows fast in Sept and Erik The Swordsman is probably flat out keeping up. stay well clear, and when iBear comes in wrap him in a towel and fluff him up and fluff it off him. x x

JahTeh said...

EC, I'm sick to death of the antics of idiots sportsmen especially when it cancels out anything the few good blokes do for the community.
We'd all be no good for synchronised swimming, not with our large bums, we'd never keep submerged.

Stack, rash is clearing nicely. I will just disappear into Hogwarts on Saturday and not listen to anything.

River, I saw that woman when she came ashore and she looked half dead. I'm afraid I thought, you prat, if you're that determined why don't you do something to benefit the world. I'm a terrible cynic. Ioan Gruffyds, my welsh stud muffin has auburn hair, and he's just getting better with age.
I'll see your cake and up you with sour cream and onion Pringles.

Stacks, you're more generous in your praise than I am. Give us a challenge like bum sitting and we'd beat them all.
I've just crawled in with 2kg of his favourite kibble so the ibeast will be busy with his snout in the bowl. He did it again yesterday, spent half an hour picking out the good kibble with his paw and leaving the cheap one in the bowl.

River said...

Marshall stacks; that's probably 80kg of muscle though, same with Venus Williams.

JahTeh; I admired what she did, but also thought what the heck is she doing it for at her age? You can keep your Pringles, I'm not a chips person, I'll eat a very small amount maybe once in a blue moon.

Andrew said...

Jah Teh, if anything is more likely to cause issues, it is a pop up comment box, however, your wish is my command. I don't want to miss my man birthday present.

JahTeh said...

Oh Andrew, I read that comment with all the words in the wrong places but now I realize that your pop-up was not an issue.

Vest said...

I share your love for thugby and boring pollies and have had issues with my pop up for ages.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

I am pretty sure that the entire country had a case of spring madness on the weekend.

Le sigh.

R.H. said...

Hi, I am Robert, mad for all seasons.

Jayne said...

I'm planning to be in a coma or a cave for the next however many years this nutter and his team are in power.
Crap on the rash, hope it clears up :(

JahTeh said...

Vest, pop-up issues can be fixed with two sticks and a band aid.

Kelly, I keep thinking it's two against one. It's a co-alition party, two and Labor is one party, so we need that preference voting. We just have to be glad that nearly half the country doesn't like the monk.

Rochester, I thought you were in Cairns?

Jayne, I haven't heard a policy on anything yet but I don't think he'd dare touch the disabilty scheme.

R.H. said...

I was there for about a week. We did the same trip in August last year and I think we'll do it again same time next year. My psychotic friend needs permission from a thing called the "Leave Panel" before he can travel interstate (terribly Orwellian). He killed his mother sixteen years ago and the Attorney general's dept, Psychiatric services, nurses, social workers and therapists who want him to play tennis can't get over it.