Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Just give me Pavlova


  2egg whites
    Pinch of salt
    110gcaster sugar
    1teaspoon corn flour
    ½teaspoon sweet apple vinegar
    ¼teaspoon freeze dried thyme powder

Lemon and Wild Thyme Honey Cream

    90glemon juice
    165gwild thyme honey, such as ‘J Friend and Co’
    45gwhite sugar
    1titanium-strength gelatine leaf
    110gcold butter, diced
    125gpure cream (45% milk fat)

Thyme Ice

    100gwhite sugar
    ½lemon, zest finely grated
    10glemon thyme leaves
    2gvitamin C or citric acid
    50mlfresh fennel juice (add a pinch of vitamin C when juicing)
    50mllemon juice
    Salt, to taste


    1wide piece Kent pumpkin, seeds removed
    125ghoney dew honey, such as ‘J Friend and Co’
    125mlwarm water

To Assemble

    3-4 mandarins, segmented
    80mlwild thyme honey, such as ‘J Friend and Co’
    3-4 pieces freeze dried apple

To see how to make these ingredients into the dessert you mustgo here and try not to faint.
And this was the only photograph I could find that showed George and his suit of strange things.


Elephant's Child said...

What a lot of faffing around. And what a lot of ingredients which don't live in my kitchen.

I won't be rushing out to buy them either. Or spending an afternoon (at least) of my life attempting this dessert. Some chefs are just plain weird...

Ann ODyne said...

what El Chi said.

Pumpkin butter and thyme is not a pav.

JahTeh said...

EC, didn't you love the fact that not only you had to put it in a glass bowl but then put the bowl in a wooden box.

Annie O, the judges raved over the flavours and Emma won because her meringue ingredient was crisper than Lynton's but his was actually better presnted except his meringue didn't make a noise when the spoon hit it.
I'm lucky to open a packet of biscuits without disaster.

River said...

I read the ingredients and that's enough for me, I'm not going "there" to see what they do with them.
No way.
Just give me a regular pavlova with whipped cream, strawberries, kiwi fruit and bananas. Ta very much. Oh, and a spoon....

Andrew said...

All in the taste, I suppose, but I cannot imagine how such ingredients could work together.

JahTeh said...

River, you should click and see how much work went into this crap.

Andrew, I couldn't imagine how it all came together either. I'm surprised you didn't watch the finale, Lynton was just your type, breathing.