Monday, September 02, 2013

It's dusk.

I love this time of year when it's dusk but the birds are still calling.  Not the Tawney Owl up there though, I just liked the photo. Since the Magnolia was cut down, I've noticed an increase of possum thumping across the roof. It always amazes me that they can walk the wires across the road but will fall out of a tree with ease.  It seems they are moving from next door to my roof, snacking on the ripe oranges, back across the wires to the Paperbark tree where I surprised one this morning.
Anyway speaking of owls, I'm pleased to see that there is a Harry Potter movie on Saturday night and I will not have to endure the election agony. I have never seen so many weird parties contesting for the Senate or the House of Reps. every thing except a good drover's dog.  Still it's taken over from the football rubbish and the cricket crap and it ends much sooner.  Whoever wins will need a slave to ride behind, reminding him that he is not a god just someone who can be replaced in three years. Perhaps it's time we had that tattooed on the inside of certain sporting identities and politicians eyelids.  That's the trouble with blokes, treat them like gods and they immediately believe it, must be in the genes. Women are more sensible, we don't have to be told, we just know we are.
I was going to say something about the Masterchef finale but I'm still washing my eyeballs in saline trying to remove the image of George in, well, um, dear lord what was the man wearing? A bikie tuxedo, leather sleeves and collar and bowtie united with some sort of sackcloth. It distracted me from the food, and you all know how hard it is to distract me when food's involved. I would be a top masterchef because I have never beaten the crap out of cream like those two did last night and what is the point of ruining meringue by putting pumpkin anywhere near it. I had more fun looking at the losers lining the balcony who couldn't quite manage to hide the "shit I should be down there" faces when they didn't think the camera was on them.
Now seriously let's just drop the reality shows for the rest of the year and put on something we'd really like to watch.  It's a shame there's no time for Abbott and Rudd in gladiator gear in the middle of the MCG, with real swords and a lion or two, winner gets to tell more lies than the loser.
Bring on the sausage sizzle at the polling booth on Saturday or I'll be very unhappy.


Elephant's Child said...

I will be pre-polling. Vegetarians are not, on the whole, well catered for at fund-raising barbecues.
And I love the idea of Mr Rabbit and Mr Krudd battling it out in an arena somewhere... And my thumb would be turned downwards.

Ann ODyne said...

Thumbs down for both of them. I suspect a woman in Altona is conflicted in her desired outcome: wanting the party to win but not Tin Tin.
there is a dedicated website to polling booths with sausage sizzles.
vote early and vote often.

M said...

ooo I love a sausage sizzle. It's the only way to get us in eh?

bikie tuxedo? hahahahaha oh dear! I wish I had seen it.

River said...

Pumpkin and meringue? Together? What were they thinking?
I'd like them to drop the reality shows for the rest of the century.

River said...

@Ann O'Dyne, what website? hmmm, maybe I'll google and see what comes up.

River said...

Found a Sth Aus. website and Yes, my nearest Primary School does have a sausage sizzle going on election day.

River said...

Forgot to mention the owl is very pretty. We get bird calls here at dawn and dusk, it's the same as when I lived in the other place, one bird calls different notes and waits for a reply, a different call for each bird. He must be the sentinel that makes sure everyone has woken up and later come home for the night.

JahTeh said...

EC, wouldn't it be great instead of a debate to have a real stoush. Not real swords, maybe rubber chickens like their policies. We need the laugh and I am smiling at the underneaths of the gladiator skirts, speedos and boxers.

Annie O, unfortunately we've become like America and people think the contest is between personalities instead of policies.
My policy for voting, open front door, sniff the air for frying onions and if detected, will vote early.

M, there's a masterchef website and I'm sure a photo of George is on it. I was so stunned by the jacket, I didn't looks at the pants, surely not leather.

River, It was a complicated desert with strange flavours, half way was a crispy thin meringue layer and the top was a very thin piece of pumpkin (cooked) with a honey comb design of frozen apple. We'll stick with the sausage sizzle.