Sunday, November 03, 2013

Catching up.

After saving up for so long to have this canvas print framed you'd think I'd remember to go and pick it up. I had the wooden frame and glass but the photograph that was in it looked much better in its original frame and I wanted something soothing and calming. It's always taking a chance buying from ebay but this was right but the other I bought, not so right. The picture was okay but the canvas it was printed on wasn't quality. The Framer rang, very apologetic as he'd had it finished for a couple of weeks and it had been hidden behind a larger painting. I hadn't worried as he'd told me he had 12 football jumpers to frame for the local team and since I'd already paid, it was out of sight, out of mind. The BOH had to hang it for me and on new hooks. The old hooks were put in by my ex who never bothered with such things as finding the studs and I'm surprised the heavy frame hadn't fallen. I like it, it is soothing and the inside mount picks up the soft apricot pink in the sky. It reminds me of holidays on the 90 mile beach, in the days when no-one thought of letting us roam for miles by ourselves. My mother might have but she didn't know that her sister was content to stay home and read a book while we wandered.

I have finally caught up with my blog reading although it's too late to leave comments on some posts. I visited a site which has not seen me for some time, long enough for the blog owner to start another but he left up the posts and I found  one of his posts very interesting. It linked to a privacy blog where you could check how secure your user name is. I won't hide the link but put it up in full 

I am still being plagued by malware/adware problems and have downloaded several "free" removal products that have not performed at all. Apparently this malware which I picked up at a blog and it was just an ordinary blog I visit and immediately got the pop up windows and redirected pages. I'm still trying to nut out Firefox's blocking mechanisms but according to information this malware comes from going to dubious gentlemen's sites or teenage music downloading sites and it's very hard to remove. Swearing at it isn't hard at all and I'm doing that a lot. The Malware removal product that I did purchase was uninstalled, the free ones were also uninstalled. I've also discovered that AVG which I've always used has, for 2014, downgraded its free programme. What I need is a 10 year old nerd who'll work for Coca Cola and crisps to overhaul everything. I really do need a new CPU, this one is so old it doesn't have a dvd burner. Just as long as Blogger doesn't lose my blog. And does anyone know why the previous tries at a new template come up before the final final template does every time I log on?


JahTeh said...

The link goes to the website but not the user name bit so try looking in 'projects' at the top of the page.

Andrew said...

Irresistible, your ex left the stud finding to you? How wise.

Elephant's Child said...

The link flatly refused to take me anywhere - saying not found.
I love the colours in that print. Soothing and beautiful. And yes, I am the stud finder here.
Hiss and spit on the malware front.

River said...

I've got Malwarebytes anti-malware which I run once a week, it seems to do a fine job. Every now and again a little window pops up that says malware has blocked something or other trying to get onto my files. I also have Spybot which I run less often because I forget I have it, and Norton antivirus which I run a couple of times a year.
So far, so good. I wish I could send you K to help.
The print is lovely, I have an old favourite t-shirt I want to have framed, but nowhere to hang it, so I haven't bothered yet.

JahTeh said...

EC, just go to the site and click on projects along the top and a menu will come up with the user name bit.

Andrew, I have never yet found the stud that measured up.

River, Malwarebytes is probably the only one I haven't tried yet. The old spybot I had on IE was good but the new one just wipes everything.

Ann ODyne said...

1. calming print just lovely.
2. we're supposed to 'find' studs?
3. Andrew comment gold.
4. Coppy riposte gold too
5. I don't run anything and hate all those 'free' apps which are just a Front for a flood of spam.
Have had no virus mal anything despite hours of websearching, even Russian genealogy sites. How do I know this? Took puter for cleaning and the techie said "nothing found" and then he bloody installed malwarebytes which now keeps reminding me I should PAY for more.
It also keeps telling me how it is blocking bad stuff - what a crock as I have not paid. Just wants to strike fear into my heart, silly thing doesn't know the Fear Department is crammed full and not taking passengers.

Your UserName is pretty unique as you are. X X

Marie said...

We used to get malaware problems as we visit torrent sites (how else can I watch things like "Top of the Lake" and SBS's "Gourmet Farmer" while liing at the North Pole?)

Like you, we discovered that AVG had switched to a "light" version for their freeware, having used it happily for several years. We've now bitten the bullet and paid for Kapersky's anti-virus protection which has been excellent.

JahTeh said...

Marie, I've downloaded AVG anti-spyware and Malware and I'm still getting the pop-ups and both programmes have told me the computer is clean.

Annie O, I just love the one that tells me I have a trojan horse and I should buy it immediately after the free trial but they should change the name and location of said Trojan since it's always the same.