Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow in November???

Miserable day, 12 degrees and raining. Mother not well. Watched first half hour of Parliament, vomit.
Bronwyn, 'oh the shark has pearly teeth dear' Bishop as Madame (make a good one) Speaker so impartial in keeping the Chamber's dignity. Cyclone damage horrendous but to climate deniers it was all done in a Hollywood studio. Qantas closes down maintenance at Avalon to shift it offshore, never flying now.  Scallop boat skipper in Tassie ships his scallops to Thailand because workers there don't ask for much money, never eating scallops now. Gov. outsourcing Centrelink to Post Offices?
Science grants, well two of my scientist friends are holding their breath as their applications are on hold. What did I expect when there was no-one smart enough to be appointed Science Minister or a PM not smart enough to know we needed one. It's enough to want to crawl under a rock  so let's look at penguins.


Elephant's Child said...

You will be shocked and surprised (NOT) to hear I love your antidote for the ugliness all around us.
And we had a top temperature of 32 on Friday, and struggled to get to 12 the next day. Much rain (good) and snow nearby.
I hope that your mama is getting the care she needs this time.

JahTeh said...

EC, you poor dear, you live in the madhouse of Canberra, so close to all the hideousness. I've uploaded another clutch penguins to help you along.
Mum is having more painkillers, she's built up a tolerance to one of the pain pills she's on. Honestly with what she's taking, she should be floating on a pink cloud.

River said...

Government outsourcing Centrelink to Post Offices???
Are they crazy?? (yes)
Have they not been to a Centrelink office recently and seen how many people wait there daily for help?

How on earth is a Post Office going to handle all those people with all the different problems they have??
This is madness.
Is is a definitely decided proposition or something that may happen?

JahTeh said...

River, I haven't heard anything more but I think it's something they're throwing out to find what people think, the same with privatising HECS fees at universities. It's part of the PM's plan to decrease public servants and save money. They're all mad.

Elephant's Child said...

They have been raising it on and off for several years. There are more post offices than Centrelink offices and they are suggesting that the post office staff could do the job that Centrelink staff do. Wrong, wrong and wrong. And I don't think it has the remotest chance of happening.

R.H. said...

Are you kidding, the queue at Williamstown post office is already out on the footpath, and golly, give it a go, dealing with CES clients requires the nerve of a lion tamer.

JahTeh said...

EC, I don't know about Canberra but a lot of PO agencies were franshised here. They just want to get rid of public servants to save money and then tell us how wonderful they are to save us money.

Rh, same everywhere with people paying bills since gas and electricity stores shut down to save money.