Saturday, November 16, 2013

Still with the penguins

I love this photo. Very much in da 'Hood. "Hey Bro, dig the weird fat chick dancing the Watusi with the Rochester".

Mother's very tired and after being down at the Home every second day since last week, so am I.
She's okay to talk to but she's having problems that have never come up before like her breakfast coming up. Pain control is not controlling the nerve pain and fluid is building up in her chest but she's still giving me orders. She's happy enough and is in bed more often than out in the wheelchair. If she wants a jam sponge for afternoon tea because lunch was swill then as far as I'm concerned she can have it. It's not going to make much difference to her quality of life except to make it happier.

About the photo, see how he's leaning back on his tail, penguins have fat stubby tails like this or they have feather tails and now you'll never look at a penguin's face first again.


River said...

I'm sorry to hear your Mum isn't doing so well, but at least she is still able to give you orders. I agree with your opinion regarding the jam sponge and now I want one too.
Love the penguins, I've never really noticed their tails before.

Elephant's Child said...

Some are rumpy, some are stumpy. All are a delight.
I do hope your mother gets some relief soon - so you can too. And Jam sponge is probably a lot nicer (and better) than what most doctor's will order.

Andrew said...

I thought up a caption for the penguins before I read yours. Your is better. I hope your Mum gets some relaxation soon.

R.H. said...

My vast abode
From wanting everything.

A poet never misses the chance to display his art, especially during a full moon.


JahTeh said...

Rochester, it certainly was full last night and if it had been a bit warmer I may have gone out and danced a homage to it. Poets have been known to go mad at full moon.

Andrew, if she gets any more relaxed she'll be dead. They lost another old timer last night, just zip, no drama. He was okay but had a fall and came out of it swearing like a trooper and throwing sexual innuendos at anything in a skirt. His sisters were mortified but it happens like that sometimes.

EC, I got to eat the leftover crumbs. She is on so much pain control, she shouldn't feel anything. All this rubbish about not over medicating old people is outrageous when they need it and she needs it. Bless Doc Marvin who agrees.

River, I want the jam sponge in a trifle but I'll settle for a Pavlova with strawberries and passionfruit and maybe a drizzle of chocolate. I surprised myself the other day when I had a superdooper chocolate sundae and didn't like it. I realized I'm much happier eating the cheap soft ice-cream and fudge sauce ones at Wendy's. My taste is downsizing.

River said...

Oh damn you! Now I have pavlova on my mind....

Ann ODyne said...

The Mother is so ill that the CARE-home should let her eat anything she likes.

It was great to see you the other day and I am so glad I met the snowy ice coloured feline - he is just lovely and SO relaxed.

JahTeh said...

Sorry River, try to think of something else, fish and chips by the beach on a warm night and no wind. It's the only way to eat fish and chips except now they come in very swishy boxes with a white paper bag. Is it only me that remembers paper and ripping a hole in the top so the chips stayed hot?

Annie O, it was a fleeting visit but nice to see you. Never mind mother so ill, not so much that she couldn't send the dinner back the other day. It was fatty and she's not allowed any fat and she told them. Tonight she rings and she'd like another jam roll from the expensive shop and could I get it cut a bit thicker so she doesn't look like she's eating twice as much.