Sunday, November 24, 2013


A columnist at the Daily Mail referred to these dresses as WBD as opposed to LBD or Why be Bothered Dress  as opposed to the Little Black Dress.  The little black dress is standard in any wardrobe, classy up dressed or day time down dressed. The why be bothered dress looks as if they couldn't be bothered putting on underwear and our last image of Jennifer Lawrence really shows why it looks trashy. How much more elegant it would have been with a full length underskirt instead of her all-in-one which must have been hell to get out of in the loo.  Second image down did have skin coloured mesh keeping back and front together but what an ugly get-up all over.

Would image 2 look graceful without those silk net petticoats? I don't think so. Of course I had to put in one of my favourite colours, that plum is gorgeous. Not fussed about Anne Hathaway's bustle but Sandra Bullock looks tall and elegant in non see through red. 
Call me old fashioned but I love beautiful gowns on the red carpet so girls, look in a mirror before you leave home and if you can see too much then so can we.


Elephant's Child said...

It is hard to decide which of your first images are the most horrendous. Obviously subscribers to the theory that being noticed is always good - for whatever reason. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

River said...

I agree about the WBDs, they are monumentally awful and I don't care if that's the wrong word to use, they are dreadful on a huge scale. The gowns shown below are so beautiful, the plum is the best of course, I could look at that all day. I'm concerned about the model in the white, she has no upper arms to speak of, just skin-covered bone, I'd be very surprised if she has the strength to lift a fork.

Ann ODyne said...

The 'Why Bother Dress' bwah ha ha ha.
Robert Altman film Ready To Wear finale was the absolute comment on exactly that. For those of you who have not seen it*, set in Paris during Fashion week and after 90 mins of designer divas, the final runway models were sent out completely nude. The audience cheered.

*Tracy Ullman stole it from all the major actresses.

JahTeh said...

EC, I think this means I'm officially an old fart who hates anything young. Really I just remember elegance.

River, I read one designer the other day who said the models must be healthier because he no longer thinks of them as skinny. I wonder what he's smoking.

Annie O, that takes me back and am I right in thinking the traditional end with wedding dress ended with Bride pregnant and naked?