Saturday, December 14, 2013

Concentration terminated by 'Oooh Shiny'

I was looking for Christmas cakes for my usual post a Christmas thingy in the run up to pudding season and I was sidetracked by these cakes. I mean the work, the imagination and where would you start cutting and would you want to. Click the biggie button for this one.
This was sort of Indian meets peacock and paisley. Overdone? But I loved the colours. Reminds me of my groom and his party at the Church before the reception.
A birdhouse cake was to divine to pass by. Paint the birds as robins and whack some holly and berries on the cake. Ditch the green roof for sparkly snow icing and Christmas cake. 

 I had to put this in. My grandmother iced my aunt's wedding cake in this manner but without the top bunch of flowers. She also baked the cakes in wood fired oven in the pans my grandfather made. He also made the wooden stand for the cake. I kept a pot plant on that stand for years, he made everything to last. The cake is frivolous but the artistry is wow.

I was really struck by this one for the audacity of having emerald. Tradition has it that one must ask the fairies for permission to wear their colour green at any wedding or it will end in tears. Come to think of it, my bridesmaids wore pale apple green dresses. I really wanted an elegant wedding, I got a bogan booze-up before the word was even invented.


Elephant's Child said...

Oh wow. Such work. Such artistry. And if (and it will never happen) I made such a thing the recipient would be EXPECTED to keep it forever.

River said...

They're gorgeous! but I can't help thinking of the hours and hours of intricate molding work. Really, these things can take days to create. I'm very impressed by them, more so because I know I could never do it. I like that Indian meets peacock one very much.

R.H. said...

Cake number four is a classic, I call it the Miss Havisham; cobwebs built in.

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

Sorry, repeated comment (liked it so nice I said it twice).

Hey man, got your card, right on! Groovy reindeer, red noses, real rubies. Far out. ha ha, you old hippy you.

JahTeh said...

RH, my whole house is decorated in the Miss Havisham style. I just spray the cobwebs gold for the Christmas decorations.
I told you you'd be getting a coppy.

R.H. said...

Yes I know, lovely card, hand-made, and the white background such a good idea. My deadhead niece sent me a hand-made card too - on "recycled paper". Drab, some sort of khaki colour (a case of ideology before art; ain't it the truth).

Jayne said...

Knew there was something about wearing green at weddings, forgot to ask permission to wear green at the 2nd wedding to the spouse.
Haven't had many tears, mainly from him as I'm such a pleasure to live with *snort*
Love the talent behind those cakes.