Thursday, December 12, 2013

I didn't vote for them

Well good old Environment Minister Greg Hunt has approved projects that will mangle our Great Barrier Reef. Take a good look at the photo, it might be the last pristine look we'll get.

let me see, dredging 3 million cubic metres of spoil which will be dumped in the reef's waters all for the development of three coal export terminals at Abbot Point.
He also approved the building of a new coal terminal at Abbot Point by Indian mining giant Adani and we all know how environmentally conscious Indian mining giants are.
And a new processing plant for coal seem gas on Curtis Island. That project has dredging of 1.4 million cubic metres of crap at Port Curtis and the mouth of the Calliope River near Gladstone. The icing on the cake there is a proposed pipeline to the plant.

Mr Hunt said he had imposed 148 strict environmental conditions on the developments.
The reef already has a problem with water quality from farm runoff which is damaging corals, sea grass and marine habitats.
Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Michael Roche welcomed the decision and said it confirm that industry could co-exist with the reef. 

Oh Yeah, let's hear from the Tourism Minister and what he thinks.

I signed the petition to stop this along with a lot of other people but obviously we're just a lot a reef huggers and nutters.
I didn't vote for them, I'm going to have a button made and wear it.


Elephant's Child said...

As a fellow reef hugging nutter I despair. Again.
And the High Court threw out the ACT's same sex marriage legislation too.]
You will find me under the bed, velcroed to the carpet, sobbing.

Andrew said...

Nice work. Regardless of the project, I don't understand why the spoil has to be dumped at sea and not on land. Well, it would be cost of course.

River said...

Surely there must be somewhere else to put the processing plants etc?
It's an Indian company, let them put it in India.
Australia and our beautiful coastline, beaches and reefs are doomed if this goes through. Once there is one....

JahTeh said...

EC, bad day all round. I can't even bring myself to watch Question Time in case I have a heart attack abusing them.
I fought for ACT to bring in the Civil Unions and Howard couldn't get even that small gain annulled fast enough.

Andrew, much easier to hide whatever gets caught up in the muck.

River, why not an Australian company doing this? And coal seam gas means fracking and there goes the underground water system in Qld. The reef is so delicately balanced that any disturbance throws it off. No doubt they'll just capture more sea animals and shove them in Waterworld so we can remember what they looked like.

Need I say how much I loathe Abbott and I thought little Johnny was the pits.