Sunday, December 08, 2013

Legends of the Guardian

The IceBear, great guard cat of the house. Here he is guarding the rubbish on the floor and filling up the vacant space in front of the heater. 
Last night he was at his usual outdoor post at the front gate, hiding behind the black mesh because he doesn't think anyone can see him. I could until twilight disappeared. 
When I heard clinking in the kitchen I just thought he'd come in for a snack before guard duty again. Ah, that would be no, he's still at the front gate and mummy possum and baby were munching away in the kitchen. Baby nibbling the turkey and mummy scoffing kitty kibble and these are horse size kibble bits.
They both shot out of the house and up the apple tree so I cut up some apples and threw them out of the door. I would have gone out and put them nicely under the tree except for the spider who had spun a web from the apple tree to the recycle bin and up to the spouting. So I had to throw very gently to the tree so I wouldn't break the web.
WonderBlunder comes around the corner and goes for the apple, I mean, food is food. And finds himself nose to nose with mummy possum. He runs....the wrong way. He goes all the way around the house to where he started and comes in the back door to an empty dish which I get to fill again.
The night before, on guard duty again, he doesn't notice the black fuzzy cat sneak down and come in the back door and start on his food until I roared. 
And did I say I thought the huntsman spider was a fast mover, roaming the house and claiming territory? I picked him up in the bedroom and popped him outside.  Found the other one in the laundry, much bigger and now disappeared. Believe me the washing is getting a good shake before going in the machine because if I open the lid and some shiny squeaky clean bloody huntsman throws himself at me, I won't make Christmas.


Elephant's Child said...

Icebear is gorgeous. And looks as if he knows it.
Perhaps not the brightest, but certainly beautiful.
No possums here - and I miss them. Though a friends ceiling collapsed due to the weight of the possum piddle in the corner...

River said...

I haven't seen a huntsman for ages, but I do have smaller brown spiders in the bathroom/laundry. One crept out from under the washing machine while I was on the loo this morning, I stamped my foot and he scuttled back faster than I've ever seen any spider move. I shake all my clothes too before washing and my shoes before putting them on because they live in the laundry too.
Icebear makes a good guard cat.

Marshall Stacks said...

oh the excitement of sharing the planet with Other Species.
Were the kitchen possums Bogan Brushies or reticent ringtails?
Decades ago my aunt's combustion stove warmed the ceiling so she had possums who just moved into her kitchen cupboard above the stove.
Open door, see eyes peering back, closed door quick.
If you label the door 'Cat Only' that could help?

JahTeh said...

EC, beautiful is camped on the bed exhausted from 12 hours sleep and breakfast. The golf course cut a lot of their trees down 6 months ago so more possum homes disappear.

River, after I posted this, I dyed my hair then had a shower and that's when I found the other spider climbing up the shower door. I have no idea where he came from and now I'll have to wear my glasses in the water. I'm sorry Miss O'Dyne but he copped a spray, being in the shower with me was a bit too much Alfred Hitchcock. And I couldn't find the body this morning.

MStacks, bogan brushies but so small and very hungry. I have more apples and found sultanas for tonight.
He'd read the sign and not come in, he doesn't think he's a cat. Cats think they're Royalty not cats.

Andrew said...

I don't think it would have hurt Icebear to miss a meal for once. As per Em Stacks idea, you'd better say 'white cat only'. Oh, no, you'd better not do that.

You dye your hair? I am much surprised!

R.H. said...

That's a very funny cat.

R.H. said...

Verily, check your letter box tomorrow, among spiders and disconnection notices you may find a little surprise from RH.

Arse Bandits and Estate Agents Collective.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, one is permitted to enhance one's natural beauty especially if one still has hair. (snark)

Rochester, received in good order. Fancy getting a Renoir for Christmas. You will only get a Coppy.