Saturday, January 11, 2014

Groundhog Day

You have no idea how much I want these cup cakes right now.  There will be no need to post, just refer back to this time last year. Mother has cellulitis again, left leg, ankle to knee. Doc Marvin was straight in as the nurses were all the ball this time and watched as it developed. Apparently the leg is where this particular bacteria has set up home and it's not moving. I've noticed she's been having very hot flushes lately and that's unusual as she's always cold and so the infection has been ramping up and I'd say a visit from Aunt Selma was the last straw. 
She's out of credits on her phone so can't get me and I'm not going down in the stinking heat of next week. At some stage I, me, daughter, person, has to have a blood test which is a pain to get the 8 to 12 hours food eating just right or the results are crap. They're going to be anyway because I'm not sleeping properly, not eating when I should, haven't got back into routine from the December madness so the BGL is steady but on the wrong number. It's always the way, the more I try to diet the less it works. The weight is steady but on the wrong number as well. Goodness knows what the blood pressure is. The spider population is increasing with a huntsman in the curtains in the lounge. Curtains is a laugh since it and the cat went head to head through them the other night. Neither won and now I have another in the bedroom and one in the laundry.
I'm not thinking about the lump I found, I'm sure it's scar tissue, I can't handle one more thing.


Elephant's Child said...

Sometimes life just isn't fair. Often life just isn't fair.
Look after yourself. Stay inside in the cool. Hugs.

River said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous, I hope they're also tasty. The trouble with all those uber-fancy cupcakes is most of them are all show and no flavour.
I do hope mother gets better quickly and you get your diet sorted for the blood test. my weight is also steady but on the wrong number.
I read the fine print....maybe a fatty cyst? Get it checked.

JahTeh said...

EC, I think of you every time I see Canberra's heat going up. At least the garden gives coolness around the house which I notice with my trees.

River, isn't it always the way but then I could just eat the icing. My mother used to make butterfly cakes, cut the top off, fill with fresh whipped cream then put but the cut in half top as butterfly wings. The trick was, opposite to cupcakes, was to have the oven up really high to get a cone shaped top.
I'm sure it's just that, I just can't handle thinking about it.