Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let them eat cake but not this kind

What else to do on  a stinking hot afternoon than wander through the web looking at shoes and jewells and cakes, lots of cakes.  I had a real laugh out loud at that wedding cake up top. Considering my marriage, this cake should have been centre stage all the way. Come to think of it, it would make perfect divorce celebration eating. 

But this cake, a giant life- size unicorn birthday cake. Life-size with a huge cut out chunk of technicolour innards. Here, child, come and get your slice of unicorn cake, which part would you like me to cut into with this huge knife? I can't understand some people. I would have been traumatized for life, in fact, I probably should have put up a warning for Miss O'Dyne with her love of horses. I am gobsmacked at the thought of 20 or so munchkins all waiting for the slaughter of the innocent. It would make a great script for "Castle", soccer mom cuts into the belly of the beast and out rolls a real body instead of that garish cake. How does one get cake to be that colour anyway? Great way to turn kiddies into vegetarians on the spot.

No trouble with cutting into this Cinderella Wedding cake unless you forget the slipper and end up with a gob full of glass. If I ditched the shoe and the castle, it would be the perfect cake for me, a chandelier cake. I love cake and I love chandeliers and there's no rule that says you have to be married to have a wedding cake or a chandelier. I love this cake. I want this cake.


Jayne said...

Ewwww to the unicorn cake, what idiot mother in their right (or wrong) mind would order that for their darling Tarquin or Bella?!
Love the chandelier cake, very perfect for a princess bride.
Still prefer mudcake, splotched with cream.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I never thought there was a cake I wouldn't like but I'm not crazy about mudcake, too rich for me. Now give me a perfect sponge with cream and passionfruit icing and I'm in Heaven.
Despite the Americanization of weddings in Oz, I still prefer a decent moist fruitcake with marzipan and fondant icing.

Andrew said...

Is there any association between weddings and unicorns?

I don't like unicorns. When I was very young one picked me up and threw me into the fernery. Nasty unicorn. #dreams

River said...

I agree the unicorn is a bit much, possibly a smaller version wouldn't be so traumatic to cut into, the colour inside is....not nice.
I LOVE the chandelier cake and I want one too. I'd also like a miniature version made as a music box so the castle and slipper turn as it plays.
I like that skull cake too, I think I have that picture somewhere in my files.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, in your case it was probably just the shape of the horn that frightened you.
Unicorn Law says only a virgin may touch one.

River, even a small one would be too much slaughter.
Cinderella cake would make a lovely music box but what song should it play?

River said...

It should play The Rainbow Connection or The Best Things in Life are Free. With words, not just music.

Ann ODyne said...

Snap! I has done a Pinterest post also, and yes you are so right about that rainbow unicorn cake traumatising the little kiddies for life.
Wishing you all a cool breeze.