Sunday, January 26, 2014

One thing here is not like the others

Actually the only thing here is not what you think. Dear Miss O'Dyne always thinking of me. I've  said so many times that mother wouldn't shuffle off until she can take me with her and another week of 40 degree heat should do it.
So thank you Annie O for finding me the perfect coffin, a pink ballet shoe and with satin ties, divine. And I would like the entire male corps de ballet to carry me out.


River said...

I thought that shoe looked a little odd. A coffin huh?
Are you planning to buy one and keep it handy? Perhaps sleep in it for a couple of decades so you get the feel of it? Make sure it's comfortable.....

Melbourne MOD said...

Isn't it just fab?
En pointe at last.
AOD probably just sent it because she knows you love the ballet.

JahTeh said...

River, isn't it a scream? It actually would make a rather good 'talking pointe' couch, in the right room.

MM, Damn brilliant. I was thinking if they made a tram one for Andrew, not painted on but a miniature tram. The old rattling kind not one of these new streamlined things. I can just picture it sitting in pride of place in front of all the mourners. I'd never stop giggling.