Thursday, January 23, 2014

Neat stuff

 Now next hard rubbish collection I'm going to be looking for one of these. It's an old hand basin covered with colourful mosaics and filled with water for a bird bath. The taps are still there for any bird to sit on to dry and ruffle feathers. It's bonkers brilliant.

Now I've forgotten what guys do in toilets besides spilling on the floor while not putting the seat down but ladies, we think a lot.  And while thinking it helps to do something like toilet paper origami. I presume it's done off the roll but imagine a bloke walking in and being confronted with a delicate hand made rose, just sitting there. There'd be a few brain cells dying from exhaustion until he figured it out and gently removed it then put it back like he'd never been in there.

I think I emailed everyone I know with my next trick except maybe HighRiser.  I've already tried this and it works. Put drops of essential oil or if you're cheap, use the stuff from the $2 Emprorium, into the middle of the toilet roll cardboard.  Everytime the roll rolls round, the perfume wafts out. My lavender lavatory is a joy.


Elephant's Child said...

Love the toilet roll origami - and will have to try the lavender toilet roll. Thank you.

River said...

I love the bird bath and have saved the picture. I'll take a class in mosaics and make one of these as soon as I can afford to buy a basin at the salvage shop.
I like the essential oils idea too, I have a bottle of orange spice oil somewhere. Going to add it to the loo roll right now.

River said...

I was wrong, it's orange blossom and quite stale. I'll have to buy new. In the meantime I think vanilla extract might do a good scenting job. I love vanilla.

JahTeh said...

EC, I'll have you converted before long.

River, it doesn't matter if the oil is stale, my lavender was and it was okay.
I have mandarin oil which is for the next roll.
You don't need a class in mosaics, it's just the right cement and grout bought at the nearest hardware store. I've kept all my chipped cups and saucers to break up.

Andrew said...

Good luck with the basin. It will have to be craned in. I've not heard of that toilet roll tip. Might inform Household Management and see if he is keen on the idea.

River said...

JahTeh; damn, I don't have any chipped cups and saucers, I'll have to take a few op-shop trips.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, it's only a hand basin and Miss O'Dyne informed me that it should be a dog's water dish since the sides are too wide for birds to sit on.
Household Management will no doubt follow my great tip.

River, I never throw out the chipped ones and now I have something to use them on.

Ann ODyne said...

Isn't the Origami Quilton just hysterical?
Somewhere on PINterest there is a whole kitchen bench with a top of mosaic broken floral plates and it is gorgeous.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I saw that kitchen bench and it was gorgeous. I should have filed it because I haven't seen it since.