Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22 days gone

Isn't he gorgeous, he's a Winter Wren and has nothing to do with this post but I needed a dose of cuteness, a large dose.
22 days into 2014 and I have done nothing at all.  The things to do list is still on the fridge door and probably will be there on 24th December.  The stinking weather and mother had a lot to do with the lethargy.  All I can see before me is more 2013.
She rings and the dvd viewer is fritzed. I get another at Dick Smith, same brand but things have changed in four years and now there is no on/off switch at the side. It's near the menu, push once for on, push, hold for 2 seconds for switch off. There's also a stop for just stopping the dvd and you just know she's going to use that all the time and the thing will never be charged up. That's another problem, the charger has a cord that is half the length of the previous charger so now I have (note that 'I') to buy a small extension cord so it can be plugged in and go under the bed and I won't have to worry about the charging. I've already got to take back the clock to the shop and have the man reset all the buttons since one of the carers picked it up, not by the sides but the top and pressed all the buttons together and fritzed that.  The CD/radio fritzed, but my old tape deck/radio is doing the job and sounds a lot better than the other.
I huffed and puffed in yesterday to find my sister sitting on her duff and taking me to task for my lousy breathing which, considering what I was carrying, I thought wasn't that bad. I'd been up hill and down dale at Southland looking for a viewer so had that plus two bags full of mum's stuff. I'll really have to punch her one day.
So I haven't blogged about the 53 children Paramedics rescued from cars last week.
I haven't blogged about being right about Abbott speaking like a robot. His speech was analyzed by someone with too much time on their hands and it has slowed down quite a lot from his pitbull days in Opposition. Her, I think it was a her, said he'd obviously had voice coaching and now sounded as boring as Julia.
I haven't blogged about our wonderful Navy who can't seem to navigate the ocean without blundering into someone else's territory.  Sorry won't cut it matey, not when technology can pin point an Admiral picking his nose on a cruiser's sun deck. Get with it or go back to actual navigating by the sun and stars instead of relying on a gerbil running in a wheel for your computers.
It is my opinion and I have lots, that planes, ships or cars that rely on technology are a hazard to my travelling well being. Look at the film "Independence Day", the aliens would have won if everyone had forgotten morse code so phasing out manual navigation, morse code and pilots who can fly is really a bad idea. I shudder every time I see that ad where the woman parks the car with no hands.
I'm not wanting to go right back to horse and buggy days, lordy can you imagine the horse shit but then 'work for the dole' would have a whole new department but  basic 'stuff' should never be forgotten.
That includes leaving kids and dogs in cars in the heat or at any other time. Dogs and kids are smart, push button start in cars means the little beasts could be heading for someone else's territorial waters before you can say 'Morrison is slime'.


Elephant's Child said...

Aaah. Though kids and dogs would have to be not only smart but very quick to beat me to the Morrison is slime point.
Take care of yourself. Please. Practise that wonderful work - no. Says the woman who fails on that count.

River said...

53 kids rescued from cars???
I hope those parents got properly fined. You'd think they'd know better, stories of kids dying in hot cars are in the media often enough.

What a shame so much of mother's things being fritzed all at once. An even bigger shame that sister doesn't pitch in and help. When you get to heaven, you're getting golden wings.

Andrew said...

I would like to see a breakdown of how many kids were left in cars deliberately, and how many were accidently locked in. I would hope it was mostly the latter. Carelessness is easier to forgive than intent.

JahTeh said...

Honestly, EC, I want to punch that supercilious mongrel every time he opens his mouth. The word slime is hurled at the tv frequently these days. Almost makes you wish Kevvie was back, almost.

River, that was the total released along with cardiac arrests and heat stress. I'm surprised Adelaide didn't have something like this.
Heaven is looking a lot closer these days.

Andrew, a lot were left while mum popped into the supermarket not going to the pokies but honestly who would leave child in a car these days. And who would go out on those over 40 days anyway, easier to wait until the sun went down. I kept going back to the days when I'd be throwing wet sheets over the bed posts to keep the kids cool. We didn't even have a fan in the early days. The dogs would sleep outside the front wire door and I would sleep on the floor inside so they wouldn't bark. I shouldn't have started, I'm getting the horrors again.

Davoh said...

um, just thought to let you know that self remains alive - refuse to argue (or dial a phone number in the middle of the night ... heh).

Females rule - whatever shape, form or mental state.

Cheers and Best wishes.

JahTeh said...

2014 and Davoh still lives, just goes to show there is a Goddess.

Mental state is not too good around here, body is in horrible shape as well but I still rule.

River said...

We probably have similar statistics, but I haven't been watching the news, the heat was depressing enough without hearing bad stuff on TV.