Thursday, January 02, 2014

Two days and I hate this year already.

That is not the crescent moon, it is the crescent Venus and it will meet with the crescent moon soon and it's supposed to start all kinds of goings on, mostly bad where I'm concerned..
I'm waiting for the Nephew to turn up and turn off the water so he can put new washers in the shower taps. Niagara falls have been flowing since I showered last night about 10.30. I did put a bucket in there to save the water for the washing machine and now I'm too exhausted to pick it up.
After the washers, the smoke alarm started to chirp, that annoying sound that says you didn't change me when daylight saving came in. Well, 9 volt batteries are expensive and the damn thing hadn't gone off in two years even when I set fire to the oven which I still haven't cleaned. I'd need a sledgehammer to get the crap off. Anyway sent message to BOH and he'll call in tonight but I don't think he realizes what's involved yet so the shower will continue to gush until the weekend. I've lost the will to live anyway.
I swear Southland was busier today then it was before Christmas. I needed a new computer mouse but it's like choosing a toothbrush, which one? Now I'll have to go back with the old one to make sure I get one that's right.  Grab a bird bell and I hope the parrots choke on it, grab a sponge for mother, grab cat food and grab taxi for the Home.  I have a new box to replace the one mother has mangled and trying to make her give it up can only be resolved by me stomping it to bits.  Her roomie comes in, hacking coughs all over us and then leaves. I could have tipped her wheelchair over since mum is on the nebulizer twice a day for the congestion in her chest at least that's what she thinks but it's fluid in the lungs from her heart not pumping properly. It hasn't affected her mouth at all. Orders, orders and more orders. Remembered to take batteries for her clock, good.
Remembered the cake, good. Now could I ask around and find out who nicked her torch last night.
That's when I packed up and called a cab. I seemed to be taking home more than I arrived with, always seems to be that way.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry, and hope he was able to work wonders last night. And that today is much, much better.

JahTeh said...

EC, he'll be here sometime today to take the washers out. Hopefully they still make them and I don't have to buy all new taps. He wants to check the pipes behind as well in case they're corroded. Slept really well last night, not.

Jayne said...

Hope the Falls have ceased and that Venus doesn't play too much havoc with you xxxxx

Toss bi carb and vinegar willy-nilly over the oven and ignore it for a few weeks.

River said...

Hopefully all the bad stuff will be out of the way in this first week and the rest of the year can be plain sailing. We can wish, right? As for taking home more than you went with, at least you didn't accidentally pack up Mother and bring her home.
I hope your shower can be fixed without too much trouble. Buying new taps can be tricky in older homes as the new stuff available doesn't always match the pipe size.
What box has Mother mangled?
Yes to the bi-carb and vinegar, but do it more than once, lay down plenty of newspapers when you finally start chiselling the residue out.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I'd rather not open the door at all, it scares me too much.

River, what is it with you lot, setting me to hard work in the kitchen when I have blogging to do. So many notes hanging around and not written up, 3 half read books and a Patricia Cornwall not even opened. This year is going too fast.

Ann ODyne said...

oh dear Coppy, what everyone else said. I read a microwave cleaning trick where a bowl of vinegar in it for 10 mins will apparently clean the goop but I haven't actually done it.
Look at me here and not at PINterest. I had to come to blogger to put a PINterest button on my blog. bwah hah.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, it's lemon juice and 40 seconds then wipe. It's about the only housekeeping I've done and only because I misread the instructions about the fish being 4 minutes and I did 9. Takes away smells does lemon juice.

Gerry said...

Wishing you the best of everything for 2014, JT.