Sunday, January 05, 2014

One down

My shower is fixed. Don't you love it. What, you don't believe this is my shower? Well I tell you that in my dreams this is my shower. I'm just not quite sure if I dreamed steps on the other side otherwise it's going to be a fat lady a'leaping to get in. But the view, by the time I'd stopped relaxing and viewing, I'd be all pruned up.
While the BOH was fixing the shower I was fixing the printer. I hate paper jams especially when I think I've got all the paper out and the blinking light says I haven't. I finally found it wrapped around where the cartridges go from side to side. So lots of swearing in the study and more when I couldn't find my glasses which usually sit on top of the printer. I put on my reading glasses when I'm surfing.
Don't ask me how they got halfway across the room, my memory is blank. Probably too much time in the tub.
Handyman coming tomorrow to give me quotes on all I need doing around the house and since he's local and I've known him a while, he'll do one thing at a time until I can afford the next lot.  Since we've just had a rain squall I think it must be getting the roof garden out of the spouting and maybe the water will stop cascading over the front door. The ivy needs a good belting to get it back behind the bluestones, it knows the rules then the lemon tree is getting out of hand and growing lemons beyond my reach. I could go on and on but I'm depressed enough with this year already.
I think I'll go soak in the tub again.


Elephant's Child said...

Love that tub. And I too would be prunifed. Possibly permanently because I wouldn't want to come out.
Good luck on the handyman front. I/We need one of those here. Badly.

River said...

I love the tub! What a view, beach and rocks, two of my favourite things.

R.H. said...

Slow down big woman, you could get into that tub but how would you get out?

Crescent moon tonight. Now I've just had another look and it's gone. When my little girl was in year one she saw a moon like that and got all excited, "Daddy!- the moon is broken!" I wrote it in a note to her teachers and they were all impressed. Not that I like them of course, school teachers.

Jayne said...

Ohhh, that tub is splendid!
One could live in that tub, never leaving it, dining on all manner of decadent morsels while sipping exxy champers when drinking in the view.

JahTeh said...

EC, he's a nice man and only just gone into the Jim's Mowing business. I've watched them do up their home bit by bit and it looks great so a good advertisement.

River, it's so indulgent but just one thing wrong, nowhere to put the Bombay glass.

Robbert, it's big I can stand up in it and fling a leg over the side. It's these damn baths in the floor I can't get out of. Your daughter was full of poetry, I hope she didn't lose it.

Jayne, you don't think I don't remember those posts of you in the back yard tub with the perving possums?

R.H. said...

No it was just a fluke comment; she thought it had happened.

River said...

Put a fancy bar stool beside the tub at the right height of course, make it a wide stool so you can put your book down occasionally and reach for the chocolates.

JahTeh said...

Well, I'm a bit flabbergasted, Mick the Handyman handed me a quote way below anything I'd anticipated. He said it was only a bit of garden maintainence, no problems. It's a good thing he doesn't read minds, I'd have paid him twice what he quoted.

RH, now you know how the cavemen thought to explain nature.

River, I'd never take my eyes off that view long enough to read a book but the chocolates I could manage.