Tuesday, February 04, 2014

No, I didn't think these up but I could have

Now this is an ace idea except for the grass growing up between the rocks and looks like it might need weeding which is not in my job description. But around the water meter, great, since S.E.Water practically buried the Tap and meter last time hernextdoor's water pipe burst. Probably would look neat hanging off the back of the Kombi, the VW and the Falcon.

 I immediately thought of River when I saw this. I know you love bright colours and have a small garden but just right for this caterpillar. I'm not sure about glow in the dark paint for this, kind of creepy/spooky but wow for Halloween.

 Now Elephant's Child, this is definitely ours. It has steps, canopy, lanterns aromatherapy candles and bubbles. I don't see a stubby holder though, still if we can afford this, we can afford the butler bringing out the Bombay Sapphire and in the good crystal glasses. No champagne, enough bubbles in the spa and I get giggly and drownable on champagne.
And for all four of us, the garden retreat for the reading of books, gossiping, pinning on Pinterest, blogging and eating cake, especially eating cake. This would sit neatly between my apple tree and lemon tree. I can't tell you how badly I want this garden delight and everything in it. I believe the spa would go beside it and we could wander back and forth, the forth would probably be very zigzag so the glow in the dark rocks will come in handy.
And since how government thinks that pensioners are on a good wicket, we should be able to afford the lot.
Up yours Abbott!


River said...

I love the garden retreat and I want one too. I love the caterpillar too and I'll print the photo and start collecting rocks and paint. I think glow in the dark would be great, then people would still see it once the sun goes down.

Andrew said...

You'll need a young man to help you over the edge of the spa. The caterpillar is cute.

JahTeh said...

River, I love it and I knew you'd love the caterpillar. Glow in the dark paint is American but I suppose we can buy it here.

Andrew, are you touting for part-time work for R?
You should print out the caterpillar for little Jo, she would love to paint it at the Highrise.
I must look for more little girl related crafty things.

Ann ODyne said...

JahTeh my neighbours over the back have the Economy version of that spa arrangement. The blow up Clark pool under a square tent city with flyscreen walls. They sit it in till midnight lobbing the empties out into the gumtrees.
Gosh that Andrew. Why would he suggest you need a young man to have you over the edge of the spa?
Wednesday, February 05? I must get off the keyboard then.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, my neighbours at the back have a lovely pool and never go near it, breaks my heart. Your neighbours couldn't be the ones who have the Oz version of Afur Daly's rustbucket car yard?
It was sweet of Andrew to suggest but I notice he didn't offer to bring one to visit.

River said...

An unused pool????
I'd be in it every day from December to April.
Longer if it is heated sufficiently.