Thursday, February 27, 2014

Twenty-three and a half seconds to meltdown

My computer is about to fry itself so I thought I had better get a post up while the posting is still going.  My landline is not fixed even after a visit to Telstra on Tuesday.  I do have a work order number which won't do any good at all unless they're on the doorstep. It was worth the visit to see the frustration on the Telstra drone's face as he tried to access the call centre which is somewhere half way up a mountain in the Hindu Kush.  He finally got through then was put on hold while they traced the work number.  I smiled sweetly and said, "annoying isn't it."  I won't be smiling tomorrow when I hit the joint running.

I was early to  the Home on Tuesday for the Chinese lunch.  I usually see mother in the afternoon and my sister sees her in the morning so how that stupid bitch didn't notice the tremors in mum's arms, from fingertips to shoulder I don't know. She just said she never looks at her, fckn brilliant.
I yelled at carer, nurse and unit manager and demanded it was put in her file immediately. Doc Marvin was in the next day and he yelled louder than I did. Not one word was in the file about the nut job in the other bed not letting mum get any sleep but the tremors were in. Good ole Doc, couldn't do anything about the roomie but he could do something about her doctor and he did.
She was there today, asked two questions, stayed five minutes and left. Some doctor!
The tremors are caused by too much ventolin but he can't drop the dose until her lungs are clear and he's ordered more antibiotics.  Apparently he could be heard even with the office door shut and the new Unit Manager knows what a real doctor can do.  

Doc Marvin was worried because he'd never seen mum look so down. Usually they chat about what she's doing or what dvd she's watching and that's how he assesses her general health. She didn't tell him that half the trouble was not being able to get in touch with me by phone. She feels isolated when she's not feeling well, something I think I've finally got through to stupid bloody sister. She still won't go down for more than half an hour though, can't think of anything to say to mum. 

There'll be things said tomorrow at Telstra.  Five big vans went past the house this morning plus the garbage trucks.  I checked where the bins where and where the phone line was and unless I walked way down the other end of the nature strip with heavy bins then it was going to be hit and miss with the garbage truck catching the line.  So the dvd viewer has fried itself, the computer is going and the phone has gone, so far. To round things out nicely, I couldn't get the lid of the vegemite for breakfast, I can't get the lid off the chutney or the lid off the pickles.  Bright spot was having 10 big Rosellas in the apple tree this morning. I'd put a photo up but I don't want to overload the geriatric CPU. If I don't post, you all know what's happened. 


Elephant's Child said...

That all sounds truly vile. Fingers and toes crossed for you.
And hooray (again) for Doctor Marvin.

River said...

What EC said, but double. I wish there was something I could do. Do you have an external hard drive to back up everything before the computer dies?

Andrew said...

Use those easily findable tools to remove lids. Even I use them at times.

Lack of sleep can also cause tremors.

Yes, the Telstra phone shop being put on hold. I have experienced that. It is really weird.

Ann ODyne said...

Hello everybody - poor Coppy must be offline because that god-botherer comment would have set her off like TNT.
Steve you fundy wacker I don't give a black rat's arse whether you accept some old book as 'faith' just as you could not possibly care less than you do about my opinion of AC/DC on their Highway To Hell.
Do I hammer you to join my religion? Why do fake bloody Christians hammer everybody to join their club? Fake? You offered no help or sympathy to Copperwitch in her travails here. You didn't even read her post. Bugger off.
and now I'm coming over to your place to tell you again.

Ann ODyne said...

Big red warning from Macafee saying steves christian rant is a danger zone. even an android picks up on it.
I love the Christian ethic and anyone who actually embraces it. Have not found them yet.

JahTeh said...

Still here EC, but not using it for anything but email and banking. I wish I could clone Doc Marvin. I've heard from my source that he tore strips off the new unit manager. He could be heard through a closed door.

Steve Finnell, how sweet of you to stop by and spout garbage all over my blog. The Bible was written by men, not the more intelligent women, in an archaic language which has been translated so many times the original meaning has been lost. And why do you bible bashers always use the Jewish thunder and lightning bible when you want to abuse anyone not the bible of Jesus who preached tolerance to all. You're just as bad as any mad muslim fanatic that preaches conversion by the sword or bomb.
You don't have any faith, or you wouldn't need a book to tell you what faith you needed to be a moral human. I'm leaving your comment up so readers can have a laugh although thanks to Miss O'Dyne I wouldn't advise going there as it seems you are a lying spambot.

River, I've put everything on disk or printed out what I need but still have 1500 emails from Anni O. I love my desktop, can't think on a laptop.

Andrew, I have those but still can't get the lids off not even with banging them on the bench top which usually works. I'm on my way to Telstra again today and making them do the work and sit there trying to get through to their offshore idiots.

Annie, you know you can't trust these wackers, doesn't even use a fundie photo of Christ for his gravatar, some believer. My father always said the bible was the greatest war book ever written. It's certainly been used to kill a lot of people.

JahTeh said...

I have deleted Finnell's comment of crap, it was annoying me no end and I didn't want anyone to go there and cop a horrible virus.