Saturday, March 22, 2014

She's chipper, the old girl.

22nd of March, just past an Equinox, heading for Easter and she's still with us.  My eyeballs are typing this as I am tired and they keep falling out if I don't keep my eyelids shut.  This always happens, she gets crook, I run around in circles and she gets better, I have a meltdown.  I was supposed to go today but I had several accidents before I managed breakfast so I thought it might be better if I didn't go anywhere near traffic, the house is dangerous enough.
Her BGL is still all over the place even with slow release insulin but the cellulitis is back in the calf where it lives just waiting for the next break out.
The new lot in charge are finally looking to me for information about the old girl, it's gotten through their thick heads that just because I don't have a certificate on a wall doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.  If I can talk for 15 minutes to Professor Thompson and his group of students at the Alfred without being considered an idiot then I should be able to discuss with them at the Home, mum and all her history.
And I'm certain they have the room bugged.  My ragings about the food seem to have hit home. The "Cook" is still serving up stew but this week it was chicken not beef although mum says it was a kindness to have put the geriatric chook out of its misery.  She's missing cake but I've made sure that everything coming in is sugar free and I still refuse to sign the food register.  If she gets sick they can blame the Swill shoveller in the kitchen except for Sunday and Monday when the Chef is on and he cooks real food. The outside bins are never full when R cooks.
I have managed to cut out five winter dresses and two autumn dresses.  It was fine while I was cutting out but I didn't realise how far I was stretching across the bed to do it.  When I tried to get out of bed the next morning, every muscle in my back and legs told me to piss off and went back to bed, leaving me standing without support.  It took an hour under hot water in the shower for the pain to ease off and I would have stayed longer but I could feel the water cooling.
I can't remember how long it is since I had a new dress to wear.  Now for a couple of winter nighties and a new dressing gown. I have a thick fleecy fabric in off white and I don't think I want to wear that in the street as a dress. I can almost hear Captain Ahab creeping up behind me with a harpoon.
And cross fingers, I think the dvd viewer has come good.  I have the new phones, still can only turn them on and off.  With all the fuss and bother of the last few weeks I haven't looked into the computer situation.  And can't figure out if I'm in trouble now that Microsoft is going to stop supporting XP if I'm running FireFox.  Thank goodness I don't own an iPhone.
Now I'm going to have a treat. Cafe style fruit loaf and lovely hot coffee. I really deserve it.


River said...

What's this now???
Microsoft is going to stop supporting XP if you're running Firefox?
Why would they do that? And I've just now remembered I no longer have XP...I have Windows7.

I had a similar morning, being unable to roll out of bed, so I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and then things didn't seem so bad. I'm still achy, but managing to get around. Although I didn't go to the Tai Chi trash and treasure fair.
Good to hear that mum is doing better, why can't they hire a decent cook for the weekdays?

Elephant's Child said...

I try to take each day one at a time - but sometimes several of them attack me at once seems to have been written with you in mind.
And yes, bits of me are flatly refusing to play at the moment. Painfully refusing.

JahTeh said...

River, Microsoft is not going to support XP which surprises me because so many ATMs run on it. No doubt they've got something expensive to replace it with. Everyone hated Windows 8.
My question is why don't they hire a good cook for the week. She was only the tea lady but R is a chef but he had to have both hands operated on for carpel tunnel so only can do two days.

EC, I shouldn't moan when you never do. I haven't felt this tired in ages. Now after getting my treat, I have glass in my foot. I went over that floor with a Dolphin torch to make sure the beast didn't get glass but I found the only piece I'd missed.

Andrew said...

If it eases any worry, don't worry about Windows XP. All it means is that there won't be any updates from Microsoft for XP. It will still work fine. Windows 8 is good, but only suitable for the Ipad generation. Windows 9 will be much more what we of a certain age are used to, and should be worth getting.

Ann ODyne said...

Thanks Andrew "it just means they won't send you updates".
I cannot recommend the Windows 8 I am stuck with and will go to 9 if it is more like XP.
Coppy I am glad you had the toasty treat, you can rely on toast.
You could get a home helper who just vacuumed you know. My aunt in East Brighton has that. I hope though, the glass is gone. x x

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I have heard that Windows 9 will be much better and nearer to XP. But it won't be free I'll bet.

Annie O, living on toast is a joy unless you can't get the lid off the blood orange marmalade. I love that Cafe style fruit loaf which would only be better if I was allowed to smother it in butter.