Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking my mind off things.


Now there's no chance that I could ever have fish except plastic ones. I'm the one who can kill cactus, remember, but I could sit all day and watch them scoot through this fantastic Grand Prix of a fish tank.  Up, down and around, how great would that be instead of just going from side to side.  I find watching fish very soothing, almost to the point of going comatose but this would be just the opposite. 

And for all the cat lovers, a bun bed to keep the beasts warm.  Do the clicky thing to get the full delight of these ningnongs playing hamburgers.

And just for River, I found a Purple double Dature flower.

Now I have no idea what this bird is called except fashionable enough to wander the Flemington paddock on any race day.   The whole outfit could go straight on to some beanpole model and be a winner.  If it didn't have that bug in its mouth the expression would be sheer "Le Louvre".

I'm just passing time until tomorrow when I have to have a CT scan on whatever is growing in my sinus cavity and depending on how big it is, followed by an appointment with a specialist followed by surgery or non-surgery.   Non-surgery in my book.  After the scan I have to get my eyes tested just to make sure the dizziness is not related to them although I think my glasses are the cause of the non-focus. They haven't been the same since I sat on them and the arms ended up pointing in different directions.


Elephant's Child said...

First things first: Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.
We have a fish tank, and yes, fish are soothing - but cleaning the tank is a VILE job. And it seems to be my vile job.
I love the bun bed, and could see Jewel settling in for winter. And Jazz biting down on it.
The double Datura is stunning.
And that bird could indeed be a much sort after A lister. And the bug would immediately become the diet du jour.

River said...

Hope the specialist agrees with your non-surgery diagnosis.
I love the purple datura!!
But not as much as that gorgeous fish tank. I'm going to print that and make a bookmark.
The cat bun bed is very snuggly looking, hopefully such a bed would keep a cat off the human bed.
You're not supposed to sit on your glasses.....

Marie said...

Good luck tomorrow. I do hope it won't involve anything invasive. Although knowing how sinuses hurt like hell, I imagine you might be prepared to sell your soul to anyone for some relief.

I've had a tropical fish tank before and it's lovely to look at but quite a bit of work to keep clean, balance the ph etc. As EC said, it generally becomes "mum's job" to keep it all going. Like everything else...

The cat bun bed cracked me up. My dog, who thinks she's a cat, would like it, but only if I joined her there.

The bird is a Hoopoe, occasionally seen in the UK while passing through to warmer climates.

Andrew said...

The bug keeps the beak apart, which makes for a better photo. What a weird bird. You will look just as lovely with gauze stuffed up your nose.

JahTeh said...

EC, didn't think of the cleaning but then I never think of cleaning. Seriously I was born to be rich and have servants.

River, Would you believe I was looking everywhere for my glasses? This is why I like BIG glasses not these little pissy things that get mislaid on the bed.

Marie, I loved the look of that bird, it's the zebra stripes and the top tip feathers.
The look on the cat's face in the bottom picture is just gorgeous.

Andrew, thank you so kindly about the gauze but I'm terrified that they won't do keyhole surgery on the old snoz but take an eyeball out and go in through that way. Hopefully it will be nothing more than a tictac I may have shoved up there in my younger days.