Monday, April 07, 2014

April, 7th day

I've sliced the top off my finger and I'll tell you, my blood flows freely and a lot of it went.  Murphy's Law, you always cut something with a new knife, usually a body part instead of a vegetable.
Mother lives another week. Lord knows what's going through her veins but a street corner dealer would retire a millionaire if he could sell it.  Something has changed in her though, realization that all good things do end and so she has had me buying Christmas presents in case she is not here to hand them out.  Good thing Bevilles was having a going out of business sale and I saved a lot of money and nearly killed myself.  Going down an escalator at any time is a hazard but carrying heavy parcels is deadly. I almost fell thanks to gravity and I didn't really want to fall on the nice lady I let go in front of me but it was close.  Of course there mustn't be any giving of gifts down at the Home, no favouritism, hell to that. Two ladies that have been looking after her very well for the last 4 years deserve more than a thank you from me and the old girl loves giving presents.  She's not being taken advantage of and it's not like I don't know what's happening but discretion is best.

Another little goodie for the garden. So cute and easy and wouldn't they be great painted with the luminous paint and stuck around the plants.  All I need are wire coathangers and the BOH with his strong hands to do the roundy bits and solder the antenae on.  Even better to have a line of them going up a brick wall.

From snails to serious.  I believe my granddaughters are coming down for a big family reunion at Easter.  I haven't been told as usual but it doesn't worry me, their family is huge and by the time they catch up with everyone, I'm happy to get a phone call.  I'm changing my will again.  One thing I do know is that my ex daughter-in-law is mixed up with a dubious Church, cult type not Catholic but something called the Christian Church of the do gooders but definitely not mainstream. My main aim in life has always been to outlive the Bitch Queen of the Universe and it was looking good there for a while as she was over in Africa building houses for poor people but she's back.  Wouldn't you have thought there'd be one hungry lion or angry hippo looking for a snack.  So changing the will has been on my mind since youngest granddaughter is still living at home under the influence of QB who has sent her off twice to missionary around Fiji.  So in order to thwart the Mistress of Greed, I've decided to leave the house to my sister to live in for her lifetime if anything happens to me before anything happens to her (sister).  The girls can have any money, my jewells and any or all of my collected crap in the house but they can't get their hands on the big money which is in the land and the house which leaves their mother up a creek without a paddle in a barbed wire canoe.  That decision left everyone in our little family group very happy not as happy as a well fed lion would have made us but life isn't meant to be easy.



Elephant's Child said...

Love the snails.
And your inspired will.
Take it as easy as you can - and thank you for the beauty you send my way.

River said...

I love the snails and am reminded of the glow paint caterpillar picture from a while back. I must get around to making one next summer.

When changing your will, make sure there is some sort of clause included that the queen B absolutely cannot contest it. also consider what might happen if you and sister die together. Dark thoughts but necessary.

JahTeh said...

EC, I keep coming across these simple things which look so great. I wish I had the strength back in my hands to do all I want. Getting old's a bitch.

River, the way she can get money, like cleaning out the children's trust fund was a wake up call. The nephew is second executor and he absolutely hates her with a passion, she'll never get past him.

Andrew said...

Given you have done your last will and testament online, you didn't say where the value of your land holdings will ultimately go after your sister's demise. I'll email you with my full name.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, eventually it will go to the girls but hopefully not until they are in their forties or older. You will get something though, I hereby leave dear Highriser my collection of antique (by then)gin bottles.