Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Pause and check.

Pretty isn't it. I loved it as soon as I saw it. I could see it on my new dress and I already have the earrings to match. Of course I have earrings, overflowing with earrings, very glad I don't have to answer to anyone about my earring stash.  Still if I have to wear granny boots then I must compensate at the other end.  Now, the brooch, inexpensive and pretty as I said but next time before I push the buy button, I really must check to see if the measurements are in inches or centimetres.  I thought 6cm was a nice length but it turns out that 6 inches measures 8.5 cm and the length is 15 cm and that 6 inches was the diameter of the round part.  Man, that is big and it's not like I don't have the superstructure to support it buuutt, big.  Length is not a problem, I'll remove the drop and hang it from a gold bow or put it on a chain.  The big round bit could become the centrepiece of a rose satin cushion and I might just break out the antique expensive lace. Whatever, it will be a nice surprise when it arrives.  Serves me right for messing about when I was tired.

I also have a new car in the drive.  Damn that kid is good with fixing cars. The Audi with the smashed in boot is now a gem, only waiting for its onboard computer to be fixed and it's his, sun roof and all. Now for himnextdoor to stickybeak through the gate and come asking questions, it won't be long, the suspense will be killing him. 


Ann ODyne said...

It's terrific - looks like a sparkly musk lifesaver. Wear a turban and pin it on the front like a MaharaJAH

Elephant's Child said...

It is indeed very pretty - and I am pleased to learn that you are another earring addict. I have many, many pairs - many of which hang from lace covered embroidery hoops as a wall decoration - and I can find the pairs that way too.

River said...

6 inches = 8.5cm???
No No, 6 inches is 15cm.
It is a pretty piece but at that size I'm wondering what it was made for.
AOD's idea of a turban might be a good way to wear it. With the pink satin caftan and diamonds.
Perhaps it was meant for a cushion centre.

JahTeh said...

Damn ODyne, I love lifesavers now I won't get them out of my mind. Your blogs have shut me out again.

EC, clips for me, all on little cards in a drawer that I can flip through. The really good stuff has a black velvet box though.

River, I did get out the tape measure and it's not as bad, they had it all mixed but it's still a big musk lifesaver.

Helen Smart said...

Dear Witchy, I'm sorry to see things are coming to the pointy end with your ma. Thinking of you. xxx

JahTeh said...

Helen, don't give her up yet, she's still going although not strongly. Even when she does go I'm thinking of having Van Helsing check that she's really gone.