Monday, April 14, 2014

For the birds

At last I remembered to put the camera in my bag when I left this morning.  I didn't even notice 10 or 12 of these when I opened the front gate until one squarked. They didn't fly away, far too busy chewing through the berries of the Cotoneaster tree. I think it's a Corella but you know I can't tell one bird from another unless it's Magpie.  And did the Bear wander out to look when I opened the front door, not him. Sound asleep on the chair so I turfed him out before it gets too dark and when the mob took off so did he.  He prefers his birds smaller and in packs of one.  I finally got some great photos though.
When I arrived home last night, some busybody had tied plastic bags in the tree on my property to keep the birds away. So the ground and footpath was a mess but it was my mess and I was looking forward to another sit in my chair outside to de-stress. I don't know who but I have suspicions.


Elephant's Child said...

Woo Hoo. Lovely shots - and yes, it is a corella. I think a long-beaked corella, but most definitely a corella. I do love their eye shadow, and the prehistoric look when their crests are raised.

River said...

Well hello beautiful! The bird too...
I love the fourth photo where he is looking right at us, that's just perfect. Thank you. Maybe your camera could live in your bag?
Had to laugh at Bear.
I have a kitten now, his name is Angel, I was sure I already told you, but maybe I forgot. He is on last Saturday's post, a short video.

Andrew said...

For some reason I laughed when I saw the Corella behind the roof in the last photo. Take your camera out more often.

JahTeh said...

EC, they weren't in the slightest bit frightened of me, more hungry than anything.

River, I have seen your kitten and that cuteness wear off far too soon. I can't load any videos, computer refuses to do what it's told.

Andrew, he wasn't giving up that bunch of berries for anybody. It was really nice to sit and watch them, with the cat under the chair.