Sunday, April 27, 2014

On my want list

 Dale Chiluly is a remarkable glass artist and lucky Elephant's Child saw some of his work at the Australian National Gallery.  This is a pool and his glass shapes are encased on the bottom with one of his marvellous chandeliers lighting up the water from above.  It would have cost me US$1.7 million in 2010 so it's going to be on the want list for quite some time. 

But this is just my all time want want want pool.  When I get old I can even just run the wheel chair straight in.  No steps, just a quick stroll to the deep end and swim.  I don't care what the cost, this is the pool I want in my backyard, after I buy out the neighbours.


Elephant's Child said...

Dale Chihuly designed the first pool as a one off. I can't see any reason he couldn't create a walk-in/drive in pool. Those glorious shapes/colours of his would look fine as pool walls too. Dream big... I do.

Andrew said...

Better to have a pool boy to carry you into the water.

River said...

oh my! That walk in pool!

JahTeh said...

EC, that's what I like to see, someone with expensive tastes. I was looking at the pool and thinking it must be like swimming over the Great Barrier Reef.

Andrew, have you no imagination? Four pool boys dresses as gladiators carrying my golden Cleopatra litter with my reclining self on board, all the way to the deep end.

River, as soon as it's finished you'll be invited to the inaugural pool party. Gladiators optional.

Ann ODyne said...

... four poolboys ... and you want them dressed?

Ann ODyne said...

have to get back to Pinterest now. it's digital crack for women
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Addicted to a Web site called Pinterest:
Pinterest-Addicted Brides | Sandy Malone - Huffington Post

JahTeh said...

Annie O, my gladiators wear the sort of cloth that becomes invisible when wet. Like Dita Von Teese says, never dish it all up at once.

The only thing that stops me being a complete addict is the slow speed of this ancient computer.