Saturday, May 10, 2014

Continued from down there

This is such a brilliant idea for clutz handed people like me who always manages to pour the hot water in the cup and take the teabag label to the bottom.  And on the subject, memo to cafes who provide straws for bottled drinks, make sure the straw stays above the height of the bottle.  I looked so ladylike last week as I had to try to scrabble for the disappearing straw but gave up and had to drink straight from the bottle.  I couldn't even hide, not sitting in the front window providing amusement to the passing trade.

And I still have one more image because I was keeping the best until last and blogger won't load it.
Okay I give up and will post it later.


Elephant's Child said...

How nice to hear someone else shares that aspect of my klutzdom.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Oh they're well cute. I'm always fishing the little handles out when I use tea bags!

JahTeh said...

We should form a club. Even if I hold the stupid handle, the hot water gets me. There's a cafe at Southland that winds the bag handle around the cup handle and I have had loads of fun getting that removed.