Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hell week.

It's been a bit of a monster week.  I've fallen asleep in the chair twice and woken up with my head on the computer keyboard and an hour missing.  Once more Lazarus has arisen but she can only make so many comebacks.  So I'm posting all the photos I was saving up for a week.  That portrait of a white cat by Kate Pugsley could really be the Ice Bear. He's not smiling, he's disapproving of my leaving and coming home well after his tea time and cutting down his outside time in the dark not to mention going to sleep in the chair when it's his time to have it.
And for the Fenstar Deluxe, this yummy corset which would look good in any colour but the racy purple looks so luxurius. 
Miss O'Dyne alerted me to this wow bed. That's not a painting above but a real aquarium. How relaxing to lie there and count fish until you fell asleep but with all aquariums it would be a real swine to clean.  I get up enough during the night now without fish sloshing about and making water music but it does look great.
And being on the subject of water, my dream bath. It has steps and I'm sure putting in handrails wouldn't take away from the loveliness. I don't like the look of the tap so handrails and taps will be gold plated and spa jets installed. It's a bit closed in so it will have to have window looking out to a small enclosed courtyard. This really looks like a renovated cellar but I've never found another bath that had the steps I've always wanted.
No, it's not a pool, not water but stained concrete with a polished surface.  American, of course, and it comes in several colours which look like marble.  I need this for my laundry. Stupid ex never fixed the dripping hot water hose to the washing machine and it was only a tiny drip but over months it managed to get in under the cork tiles and saturate the concrete. I managed to chip up the wet tiles but the dry tiles defeated me.  I need a strong man with a big sander to get it all back to the base. I was only going to paint it then with pavement paint but I so love this look but I want it in pink marble finish. Every time I looked at this colour I'd want to pee.
Damn, blogger won't load my last two images so continued above.


Elephant's Child said...

We once had a fishtank in the bedroom. A huge mistake. Never, ever again.
No matter how lovely.
Sorry about your week from hell.

Fen said...

aaah that corset looks really decadent. I so need a new one (not really, but a girl can dream!)

JahTeh said...

EC, I love watching them swim but all that water, I mean I only have to hear water hitting the spouting and I'm off. Two little old ladies have shuffled off in the last 3 days, damn queue jumpers.

Fen, it would look just as gorgeous in black with the gold pattern and why stop at one? I mean women think nothing of having 6 pairs of jeans, why not 6 corsets. I encourage you to go mad with desire.