Sunday, June 08, 2014

Deadly weapons....and mother

A blog post about things that are more painful than Mother, just.  Miss O'Dyne sent me these. I love the jewells and the colour but the heels so high. Not to mention the part when I'd need a toectomyor three just to fit.  Definitely drooling and looking at items.
Love the colour, love the jewells wrapped around the heels but these should be on a register of lethal weapons.  One good high kick and there goes a lung or if you're really good, an eye.
A two for one here. The heels are horrible and the dress could burn out retinas with too long a glance. She's had a Brazilian or the Hollywood tape wouldn't stick to make sure there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. It's a really horrible outfit, no wonder she's hiding behind all that hair.  Can't tell you the designer, I think anonymous might feature somewhere.
Now here is a flat sandal for us except I will tell you if you have a fat big toe then gangrene is nigh if you walk too far in that leather ring.  That's me, speaking from experience.  But I do love the fish and the gold and the jewell.  A drop of Araldyte here and there so I could keep them on and I'd be happy.

Mother rang last night about 7.30.  A long day according to her but it was okay because she slept through most of it.  And why did I buy her two sets of Phrynne Fisher when she need the second series, she sick of watching the same dvd.  Yes, I have bought both series, she is putting the dvd back in the wrong cover every time she watches it and yes, I have had this conversation about 6 years ago when she kept watching Midsommer Murder and putting the dvd back in the wrong cover. After 5 minutes of this too-ing and fro-ing I sincerely lost the will to live. 


Elephant's Child said...

Second verse, same as the first...

Love the colour, hate the height and that dress doesn't deserve the description.

The sandals on the other hand... Though I do have fat toes. Sigh.

River said...

That black thing is a dress??Oh dear god!
Next time you visit, take away the first Phryne fisher series, that way she has to watch the second.
Like the colours and jewels on the shoes, but they are most definitely too high.
I have fat toes too, those sandals need another strap across the toes instead of the ring.

Kath Lockett said...

Like you, I can look at shoes like that, but no way in hell could I wear them. I like to be able to actually walk when I have shoes on!

JahTeh said...

EC, I saw it on some starlet in the paper and it didn't look any better from another angle.
Fat toes really hate being confined.

River, agreed about the sandals. You wouldn't believe the pressure on a big fat toe when walking in anything like this. I finally put mine in the collection bag after trying for months.

Kath, lead boots for you, I've seen you skiing. I've seen x-ray photos of feet in high heels and could feel the pain.