Friday, June 06, 2014

The verdict is in.....Not

So I had to post something to make myself feel better. As well as the divine conservatory, I think I'll put on a second storey to the house to annoy the neighbours even more and it will have a lift but to show off, I'm having this.  It's a staircase with the steps filled with Swarovski crystals, can you imagine the sunlight bouncing through the house with these?

Now for the Mother news.  I've been at the Home for the whole week.  I haven't been to bed before 1 a.m. for a week.  This morning she rings and says how wonderful she feels and she's getting up for a shower.  Of course I would be wonderful too if I was full of Oxygen, cortisone, antibiotics and the real deal Morphine.  She nearly went Wednesday night but Doc Marvin got my message (big mouth I have) and went down after night surgery then to make sure she had the right medication, he went to the pharmacy and brought it back himself.  Gave her a shot of Morphine and she slept all night.

I am so freaking tired, I think I'll just put a straw in the Gin bottle.


Kath Lockett said...

Gin with straws, diamonds on stairs: whatever gets you through. Hugs to you and your mother. xo

Elephant's Child said...

Can you budge her out of the way and claim some of her next morphine?
And echoing Kath. Hugs. And gin. And chocolate. Not those stairs though - they would collect cat fur something chronic.

DK said...

I Love Doc Marvin. He sounds like the best doctor in the world. He certainly goes above and beyond.

Sending positive thoughts to you and your mum.

River said...

Forget the straw and just tip up the bottle. I like the staircase, but I'd be worried about breaking or loosening the crystals every time I used it. It would have to be just for show. And off limits to the cat, like EC said it would collect too much cat hair.
I'm glad Doc Marvin is looking after your mum so well, I'm sure she is grateful too.

Ann ODyne said...

oh you are wonderful
(first I thought it was your idea of Stairway To Heaven).
Damn good Doc Marvin is marvellous, too marvellous.

JahTeh said...

Blimey, you tarts, put your glasses on, the stairs are high density glass FILLED with crystals like a sandwich. Took me a while to twig about the cat hair and I'm supposed to be the one ginned up. I have wine glasses on my wish list from Swarovski and the stems are filled with crstals, like the stairs. I can only think you've all dyed your hair blonde.

Kath, gin goes down well with lemon, lime and bitters brewed in good old Bundeberg, QLD. I even remembered the ice.

EC, chronic cat fur, yer smoking it!

DK, he's one in a million and if he wasn't my doctor as well, I'd have a hitman looking for him.

River, I can just see little Angel trying to play with those crystals, it would amuse him no end.

Annie O, my stairway will be real diamonds. Bloody Doc is too good, I just heard from my sister that the old girl is sitting in the wheelchair after not being in it for a week so we thought she wouldn't be able to do it again. Fecking willpower.

Elephant's Child said...

I plead guilty and ignorant. And I want Doc Marvin - though my brain may be past his ministrations.