Tuesday, June 03, 2014

It all could be ending soon

Blogging might be sporadic for the next week as Mother slips away or not.  She has had two episodes in the last 24 hours when she's turned a delicate shade of purple and now has a large oxygen tank permanently by the bed.  Of course last night wasn't helped by lazy bitch agency nurse who wouldn't answer her call bell.  My sister got to the D.O.N. before I did this morning but I got to terrorise everyone this afternoon.  The D.O.N walked past the room at least 15 time this afternoon but not once did she come in and see if mum was okay.
The old girl had a shower this morning but was straight on to oxygen and put to bed.  If she is moved around too much the fluid in her lungs moves and she can't breathe at all.  I got to bring all the tri-pillow covers home to wash because I've got nothing else to do.  So throw all in the machine and reach in for a few more and find I've been giving house room to a filigree hamster lounging in my washing basket. That now accounts for the kibble bits floating around the kitchen and the fat white lump's fascination with watching his food dishes.  I just love the wildlife living in my house, spider in the hall, rat in the laundry, stupid cat all over me.

It is all coming to an end or not.  My mother is such a control freak that she's waiting for St. Peter to give her the keys for the Pearly gates so she can go when she wants not to some ethereal being's timetable.  Look for lightning, that'll be her slamming the gates shut.


Elephant's Child said...


Elephant's Child said...

And I love that she operates to her time table not anyone elses - something she has passed on. More hugs.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Much love and strength to you xx

River said...

It's a sad time when a person is failing more than not, but she seems to be hanging in there. Perhaps waiting for the end of the financial year so she can start Heaven with a clean slate? I have no idea what that means, my mind is spouting nonsense.

JahTeh said...

EC, she slept a lot today and there's a lot of fluid up around the neck but every now and then she'd wake up and start talking where she left off.

Fen, your Mum was taken away much too soon, don't take offence at my mother bashing. I've been shackled to her for the last ten years, I'd like a life, soon.

River, she's just as likely to come good only to start all of this again. I started tea tonight with a bag of M&Ms.

And I have a lizard in the letter box just to round off the wild life. I was busting for a pee and if that had run up my arm I would have had it.

Kath Lockett said...

'The D.O.N walked past the room at least 15 time this afternoon but not once did she come in and see if mum was okay' - bedside manner and empathy would be nice, wouldn't it?

I hope St Peter heeds the call and doesn't keep her waiting. xo

Ann ODyne said...

"iss no rat Mr Fawlty, iss filigree hamster"
If only she could read your blog she could die laughing.
Wishing you strength. x x

JahTeh said...

Kath, keeping away because I was in the room, I think St Peter's doing the same.
It's the long weeked here, opening of the ski season, bwaahahaha, not a snowflake anywhere.

Annie O, bloody filigree hamster, lizard in the letter box and last night, crunch, crunch from the kitchen while I'm watching the news so I yell out 'About time you crawled in'. Wrong animal, I look around to see two bushy black tails going hell for leather at his food dishes. Nice mother, she rushed off and left baby behind who got confused and nearly ran up my leg until I shoved it out the back door. Cat wanders in and looks for food. Thinking of changing my name to Irwin.