Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's about time we looked at something great.  This is Mt. Sangeang Api - Lesser Sunda Islands and it threw enough of a fit to ground flights out of Australia which made a lot of whingeing people hang about in airports.  Don't any of them watch those aircraft doco's that show what happens when volcanic ash is sucked into jet engines?  I'm addicted to Air Crash Investigations, it's like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for me.  Never get on a plane, it will go down, this message will show behind my eyes every time I see some place I might like to travel to.

But the great thing about these photographs taken just as it went right off its rocker is in the middle of the right side ( your right side looking at the screen).  There are two beautifully formed Lenticular clouds. You know the ones that form over mountain tops and look like caps or flying saucers.  The second photo (your left side) shows the explosive hot gas  going right through the centre of those Lenticular clouds. 
It's one of those 'on the spot' shots that happen once and never again. 


River said...

"Never get on a plane"
Hah! Let me tell you something. I love to fly and if I had squillions of dollars I'd fly everywhere! First class of course, maybe gold class. Do they have gold class?
That's a great photo too, talk about being in the right place at the right time!

JahTeh said...

River, I have it set as wallpaper, loads of detail.
First class flying, maybe but if I saw 3 people same size as me get on the plane, I'd be off because the thing would be vastly overloaded.

Elephant's Child said...

Planes are not my transport of choice. By a long way. First class or cattle class. Though I have only experienced the latter.
Awesome capture of those lenticular clouds though. Megathanks.

Andrew said...

I like those investigation shows too. Wonder when the one about the most recent disappearance will be made. Economy on planes sucks.

JahTeh said...

EC, we were made for long slow distance travel as in the Queen Mary 11. Table service, proper food and room to move. As long as we check that the Captain is not entertaining blondes while some underling is steering the ship.

Andrew, those shows are fascinating. Do you remember a film called 'No Highway in the Sky' from the Neville Shute book? He forsaw the issue of metal fatigue and it came true.
Can you imagine me in cattle class? It would be like jamming a Brahmin bull in a sheep pen.

R.H. said...

If I saw you getting on a plane I'd get off.

Hello dumplings. I've only flown crush class, but I've travelled. More than you'd dare.

Chew on that!



R.H. said...

So now you've got a fascist government - made possible by the disaster it replaced.

OH my golly latte set you've fucked up totally!

R.H. said...

Hey, they're doing a statue of Emu Gillard.
Hope they get the jutting arse right.


JahTeh said...

Robbert, dear old thing, I thought you'd taken your autobiographical subject on a world trip or died but I see you're back and loaded for bile.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Oh I adore flying. I wish I could do it all the time!

Clouds are sexy, they make me happy