Friday, June 20, 2014

If I could just go back

 I laughed way too hard at this cat and his outfit but I really needed to spark up and this did it.  It's such a dopey looking cat but it must have a sweet nature.
I've lost a week of what I did. I picked up my diary last night and I haven't written a word since last Saturday. I can't think what I did or what happened and it's been nagging at me all night.  I've picked up a few bits and pieces. I mean I can't forget setting the kettle on fire, that was Wednesday and last night, I burnt my tea.  I didn't even do my online shopping until Tuesday and that was four days late.
It's mother, of course, infection up again but she won't believe it isn't just a cold she can't get rid of. I went down yesterday, freezing cold outside and all I wanted was to stay home and be warm.

And so for my sake and River's dreams, I went looking for Conservatories again.  I loved this one, an upstairs, full of light room and I demand that it overlooks the sea. It has to, why would you build an upstairs if it didn't overlook something soothing like waves and birds and clouds.
I was rather partial to this one but I'm building this on my bedroom, like a giant window nook but with my bed in it. Just my bed, the rest of the bedroom junk goes in the half you can't see. I'd only have the door if I decided to build it off the kitchen for a dining room then I could open the door on hot nights and get the south breeze.
I think I've posted the front of this one which was a guest house but the brick part would be where the library shelves are and the glass part is for the comfy couches and foot stools for lolling about reading. Plenty of room for a stunning desk with a concealed computer which I saw on "Grand Designs". 
I still can't remember most of last week but I feel better now.  
I'm coming up to one of those monstrous birthdays, you know the ones that let you know you're not getting any younger whatever you do so I thought I might put together my dream wedding. That's the wedding you have when you're not ever going to have a wedding again. My special delight will be re-making the groom into something that resembles a human. 


Elephant's Child said...

You do find some amazing places. Thank you. And decidedly that conservatory should have a view to the ocean. Preferably on the whales migration route.

River said...

I love all of these!! Thank you. but that second one where you would have just your bed, I would have a small bedside table too, somewhere for my coffee mug and box of chocolates when I'm reading in bed, then I can put the book down there too when I'm falling asleep.

Kath Lockett said...

I want all three.

Davoh said...

Gah! fantasies. Remain alive and reading.
(surreptitious hug).

JahTeh said...

EC, did you see that we had whales in the bay last week? This would be a great place to install a telescope, for the wildlife and the night sky.

River, what will I do with you, if we can afford this we can afford the butler to hold the coffe and select our chocolates and take the wrappers off.

Kath, you're one of us, totally greedy. I did find a doggy one which I must post for Millie. Try going back through the posts and find the swimming pool that you just walk into like the beach. You could do a mini triathlon in it.

Davoh, fantasies are great, they can't be changed once fixed in the imagination. I even have one where Abbott floats out to sea on Hockey towing Bronwen Bishop behind as shark bait. Now that's a great fantasy.