Sunday, June 22, 2014

"JAWS" the ultimate experience.

This is a room at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island owned by the Hilton Hotel Chain.  I would lie awake all night listening for cracks in the ceiling and wanting to pee every 5 minutes.  If I did sleep I'd probably wake up thinking someone was watching me and look up to see every fish for a hundred miles peering down like I was an exhibit in some underwaterworld for aquatic strangelings. 
The worst thing is that this is what could and will happen to the Maldives Islands if the ocean rises just a few centimetres more.  The Islands are in danger from climate change so one day I guess we will think nothing of booking a room with a wet view.  I don't think I could eat fish in the dining room, it could be someone's relative.


Elephant's Child said...

We once had a fishtank in the bedroom. Never, ever again. Trickle, trickle, piddle, piddle. I got so much night exercise.
And I would love to see that hotel, but would feel claustrophobic in the extreme. While admitting its beauty.

River said...

Trickling water doesn't make me pee, but I still don't think I would like to sleep surrounded by water and fish.
Conservatory style windows is fine, but not if fish filled water is behind them.

Running Amok With An Ax said...

Beautiful, but these make me feel simultaneously claustrophobic and agoraphobic (odd) - but lovely

JahTeh said...

EC, all I need is rain on the roof and there goes the night. I'll watch fish on the tv where I'm surrounded by oxygen.

River, I watched a trailer for the film Poseidon Adventure and had nightmares for a month. But if you really want a nightmare, watch a shark film called The Big Blue.

Ax, I know exactly what you mean, the deepest I've been underwater is one metre with a snorkel in my mouth and one foot on the bottom. I just couldn't find it in me to take up underwater diving.

Ann ODyne said...

It just needs a plastic cutout of Lloyd Bridges and his glub-glub tank.
Now I have a new address, my parallel universe is Pinterest.
Going back now - there's plenty more fish but currently my theme is 'Horsey Goes To The Beach'.
x x

JahTeh said...

Annie, I loved your beach horses.
The only episode I remember from SeaHunt is the one where Lloyd went back down and with a bucket and oxygen hose saved the kid's little dog from drowning in the submerged boat.