Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ducks are back

The ducks were back on the nature strip last night and the BOH couldn't believe they were so tame. It was too cold to go out and get a photo so I searched and found these. They are Australian Wood Ducks and if you search, make sure you search for Victorian live ducks otherwise you get lovely photos of dead ducks swinging off the back of bogan utes during duck hunting season.  The brown ducks called black ducks are the Pacific Black Ducks.  They all have artsyfartsy Latin names.

There has also been another confirmed sighting of the filligree hamster in my kitchen. Ever had the feeling you were being watched?  Two beady eyes, two little ears peeping out from under the toaster oven. It was only about 6cm long and took off across the bench which in my kitchen is like an obstacle course. I think he is coming in through where the dishwasher used to be and if he's living off my kitchen floor then he probably only has days to live or he's bacteria resistant and will live a mutant existance forever.
Behold the household mouse catcher in his usual position in front of the fire.  The only time he's going to catch it is if it runs straight into his mouth.  I don't have the heart to put a trap down even the humane catcher. If I let it loose in the backyard, the ravens or magpies will yell 'Banquet' and chomp it.

Bloody wildlife.  It's tiptoe through the poop to get out of my gate, possums and ducks poop a lot.


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that cat. Blissed out to the max.

River said...

Love Ice Bear all comfortable by the fire.
Mutant hamster?

Andrew said...

Gosh your pussy looks fat, and somewhat overfed. He is just not up for catching anything, is he?

JahTeh said...

EC, he's in front of the fire now, totally exhausted from being in the yard for all of 15 minutes. He hates the cold and looks hysterical when trying to navigate frosty grass.

River, you could write a Phd Thesis on the bacterial content of my kitchen floor so if he's foraging there and still alive then I'm calling him Mutant X. Mouserine doesn't sound butch enough.

Andrew, how dare you, my baby is just big boned and tends to spread out a lot when flat on his back. He does not have River's Angel's get up and go, thank goodness, he's a couch cat and I'm usually the couch.

Vest said...

As I look through my front window, there on the grass are five ducks two with green coloured heads; Drakes I presume,they are light brown with a sort of stripe marking. they arrived on Tuesday, after being fed by the Mrs they have decided to stay awhile it seems.

Sorry don't believe the big boned excuse, your vet will agree with me.

DK said...

Cats are meant to have a bit of meat on their bones. If they ever get sick and lose their appetite they need a bit of something to fall back on and get them through. Dotson.

JahTeh said...

Sorry Vest, but apparently once you feed them, they're yours for life. They sound lovely with the green heads.
As for my wee cat, he's just making up for bitches not bothering to feed him at the nursing home sometimes not for a weekend. Plus he was not allowed outside for exercise so he's still a bit twitchy in a wide open space.

Dotson, he wasn't in good nick through nervous tension of dodging sticks and wheelchairs when he arrived. I can see I'll have to re-post the photo of my mother's cat who was the size of a large corgi and he was a greedy beast. He would climb up the cupboard when she was carving a roast and try to grab slices between the moving knife.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

how much wood would a wood-duck chuck?
if a wood-duck could chuck wood?

Wishing you a thrilling Thursday.
Parcel posted Tuesday. :)

Ann ODyne said...

Here is a card for your birthday - love from sunny Bunnyong.

JahTeh said...

Annie, love you posting a photo of the cake now get out and post the cake. But make it vanilla sponge and raspberry cream with chocolate swirls on top. Make it anything, just send cake!