Monday, August 04, 2014

Just a short blog

Make that last month and this month.  I can hardly type, see or move.  I fell out of the taxi (SOBER) yesterday and I am hurting. I even managed to blacken my eye a bit so it's twitching like crazy. The driver is probably still in shock and since he was knee high to a grasshopper, he had no chance of hauling me up.  The grass was wet with dew so I couldn't get any purchase with the feet and the kneeling on the scar tissue was really a hurt I could do without.  Fortunately my neighbour came over and grabbed a patio chair, so with both holding the back of the chair steady, I managed to crawl up and sit. After I sit I can stand up and walk away, no problems until the brain starts getting "attention! Pain" from everywhere.  I always ask the drivers to park away from the gutter edge so I can put my feet down flat then get out but hernextdoor's daughter was giving violin lessons so parking anywhere was a problem especially anywhere near my drive not her's.  It was as I turned to get my things from the back seat that I went splat.  It just added to the hurts from trying to get into a jeep in the pouring rain last Thursday.  I didn't have a choice, it was that or stay with mother. The taxi website crashed and so did the phone site.  I should have left sooner but since it was my birthday I thought I should stay with the old girl.  Wrong, she rang on Friday terribly sorry because she didn't say Happy Birthday and she had an awful night because she couldn't remember how old I was or where I was born. And I arrived home freezing cold and soaking wet and hurting.  Now hurting more and still shaking.  I'll pick myself up and be back soon.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry. And hope that you are now warm and the shakes have eased.
And happy belated birthday.

River said...

I'm so sorry you're hurting. I'd suggest a hot bath, but getting in and out of one might be tricky.
(I really must remember your birthday next year. I meant to send you a virtual cake).
Next time you get out of a taxi, ask the driver to get your things from the back seat.
Hope your birthday was nice.

JahTeh said...

EC, everything has eased a little and I'm thankful there was no-one walking a dog to see me.

River, I haven't had a bath since l995 which is why I want one that I can walk into. I keep looking at these stand alone baths in magazines and I'd never get out of one of those, not without a rope ladder.

And I've lost my birthday book so leave your birthdays here, no need for the year, some things should remain secret.

River said...

I've forgotten your birthday date too, please let me know. I'm August 16.

JahTeh said...

I'm an adored Leo, 31st July.

Helen Smart said...

Oh JahTeh I'm so sorry to hear this. Here, have this small birthday present, just something I got as a last minute thing.

It's something to do with the Super moon I think, everyone's been so accident prone! Broken bones, falls, cat bites, measles... (Yes measles! Noone in our family, but someone we know.) The cat bite involved 5 days of hospital (again, a friend, not me).

Ann ODyne said...

to Helen Smart above: as well as having an immense laceration myself, my Balwyn friend fell onto the road getting a tram, her friend slipped on concrete and was injured and my Port Mel friend was flung into the stepwell of the bus from the CBD.

strange times The Ides Of August.
Hope you are ache-free now dear Coppy.
wishing everyone safe
and Happy Birthday dear River keep rolling along.

Ann ODyne said...

Greetings dear Copperwitch and I hope your quiet fortnight has merely been Pinteritis.
x x

JahTeh said...

Thank you Helen and Annie, Jupiter in Leo is supposed to be the year of luxury and abundance for me. Read the next post and find out why I now think astrology is crap.