Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Had my eyes tested, still got two

Here is the thrice risen from the dead mother and my granddaughters.  Unfortunately their mother came with them and we couldn't talk in front of the Hag.  I also lost my plastic wallet with all my information, scripts, mum's info and my old passport somewhere on that day.  I have only one more place to check, the cafe where we had lunch and I'll do that on Thursday.  Talk about a meltdown but that's what I always do, panic first then calm down and think it through. Doc Marvin has replaced all my scripts and the blood test and referral to the specialist.  My passport is out of date but it's the personal information of pension and medicare numbers that people can use. You would think that whoever found it could have spent a couple of stamps and sent it back, I live in hope.
Bad luck is still dodging me.  A wayward piece of lemon meringue pie made it all the way down the front of my dress at Southland.  Yesterday my favourite brooch went missing from the dress I was wearing so someone in Mentone will be lucky. And when I got home last night, I found out why I was so cold, no petticoat, I'd forgotten to put it on but I did have bra and knickers.  I tell you my brain is missing in action.  I will have to stop watching politics, it's putting holes in my mind.

PM BigEars is still going on about the dole bludgers who are littering our streets and the 'it's my entitlement' pensioners living too long so let's get them all back to work.
Fine, where are the jobs?
I just bought mum 3 nightdresses, made in China.
I had an ice-cream on Sunday and read the information on the back just to make myself feel more guilty and noticed where it was made, Germany. Street's make my favourite ice-cream and ship it here from Germany.
Terry White Pharmacy brand paracetamol is made in India.
My toothpaste is made in Indonesia.
The lancets I use for getting blood are made in Russia.
Snappy Tom cat food comes from Thailand.
I spend half my time in a supermarket checking out the country of origin. Tasmanian Cheese is okay, I count them as us but I object to tomatoes sent from here to be tinned in Italy.
It seems the only thing we make in this country is bent politicians, heartless politicians and politicians with delusions of grandeur.
From now on, this is how I will be greeting the early news from Canberra.


Andrew said...

I don't envy your life, but don't envy mine either.

You went ever so wrong when you mentioned plastic wallet.

Elephant's Child said...

I have had to stop watching the news - because it instilled in me an urge to poke my eyes out.
Love your grandchildren.
Hiss and spit on the series of unfortunate events which are dogging you.

River said...

Last time I had my eyes tested I discovered my left eye isn't seeing much of anything, that's why my right eye feels so tired all the time.
Your Mum is looking very well and your grand daughters are beautiful.
I agree about "where are the jobs", but why don't Big Ears and his mates consider this-pensioners may not be capable of working. Too many have bad backs, hips, knees, shoulders, long term RSI from all those years working to pay for pollies perks, how many can still hear and see clearly. For heaven's sake! Haven't we earned our rest?
You must be the only person I know apart from my sister who still does petticoats.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, not wallet wallet but big plastic bag type wallet, the size of a computer screen. So you can see how puzzled I am that I could lose it, especially since the over the shoulder bag I carry it in is the size of two screens.

EC, it's the desire to actually go out and hurt one of these curs that gets me. I've developed the coping mechanism of calling out "Dead man walking" every time I see Abbott or Morrison on the screen.

River, you're the same as me, worked and paid taxes from an early age, no chance of university and then marriage and supporting a husband who paid taxes.
No baby bonus either or paid parental leave. I consider my pension as coming from the ex's taxes since he gave me no money when he left still the house is a nice nest egg even if it is falling down around my ears.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

That woman is looking better than I do. I'd like what she's having please waitress, although I suspect the reason she sparkles is all the effort you make dear Cops.
Gorgeous girls too. Glad you saw them.
Good luck with the purse hunt, and River good luck with your eye fix.