Friday, July 04, 2014

The mood of the day

 I want to be here. I'm gazing out over calm water but the clouds are building into a storm which I don't mind as I'll just move up the sand to my luxurious beach house.
Where I'll sit and play with my collection of beach rocks, sorting them into keep, maybe and yes, you're big enough to throw at ex daughter in law.

I had an hour and a half with my granddaughters yesterday, ten minutes of which I shared with Mother.
Eldest arrived at the door and first words were, "I have really bad news".  Crap, 50 ghastly things went through my mind until she said that her mother was in the car.  One and a half hours in 16 months and I had to share it with the Queen of Mean.  I was polite.  The time has sort of gone by when I would slap her sideways to next Sunday.  So there were lots of questions I couldn't ask. Eldest's boyfriend looked a nice bloke, bearded but very neatly trimmed and red but was wearing a baseball cap backwards.  Only when he ate so he could see his food, I guess.  I noticed that the presents I had for them were stashed in the boot and not mentioned to Mummy. 

So my mother was overjoyed not only to see them but her doctor was very pleased to see her up and well.  He didn't think she would make it through the last crisis but of course she has. I haven't and if he wasn't my doctor as well I think I'd put a hit out on him.  I am so down in the dumps but not suicidal, there are cakes I haven't tasted yet and Masterchef hasn't finished and I'm in the middle of a 'Supernatural' marathon. I just remembered half a block of chocolate in the cupboard.  I'm just a misery with a side order of black.  I'll feel better soon, you know my address, send cake.


Ann ODyne said...

oh dear Coppy. after the cake arrives I guess the post -
"still depressed ... keep 'em coming".
Lucky you though, as your postcode was many degrees warmer than mine today.
Call the University Medical School and alert them to your mother who is absolutely A Suitable Case For Study.
love from sunny Ballarat.

River said...

"send cake"
any particular type? I don't think a sponge would travel well, but a lemon chiffon might.

Elephant's Child said...

Send cake. Or chocolate?
I haven't baked since before Christmas, and don't plan on doing so for another few months.

JahTeh said...

Annie, I've been watching the temp.
The worst other thing that could happen, did. I lost my plastic folder that has all the prescriptions, old passport, mum's info and various other crap including, I've just remembered, the referral to the specialist for my deviated septum. Last time I remember going into it was last Monday to pay the Home account. Blank after that.

River, now you'll have to send the cake by truck. Losing information is deadly these days but I just can't think where unless it's with mum.

EC, You must be loving all those freezing mornings in Canberra. Every time the weather man says minus, I see you in shorts and t-shirt.