Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Full Moon

Right, well my Christmas present is taken care of.  It's so gorgeous but if you all chip in, I'll probably have enough for a plastic replica. I know how cheap bloggers are.

Now it's a full moon tomorrow night so be careful out there. We've had too many big full moons and eclipses and the heavens are in upheaval.  I've fallen down, sister has smashed and broken a toe on her coffee table and now the infallible Doc Marvin has fallen off his bicycle.  Looks like I'll get no sympathy when I show my lonely bruise as compared to his grazed leg.
So stay home, stay away from coffee tables and hide until Saturday when the moon stops being stroppy.


Elephant's Child said...

You do have such classy yearnings...
Poor Doc Marvin. He needs to look after himself (until he can make those clones).

River said...

I can probably chip in as much as a dollar!
No chance of staying home and hiding for me, I have things that must be done, but I will be careful around the coffee table. Hope Doc Marvin recovers quickly and doesn't fall again.

JahTeh said...

EC, toss up between this and a new bathroom. I can't believe Christmas is so close and I still haven't made my jewellery tree.

River, watch those buses and tree roots near footpaths. As for the Doc, his wife thinks he should be fit and there's not a spare ounce of fat on him.