Sunday, November 02, 2014

Just testing.

In honour of elephant's child's new bathroom, I tried uploading a photo. All this new information is doing nothing to my brain cells. But EC I hope you walk in one day and find a shower full of penguins, a gift from me.

Mother rang this morning, she's okay but there are a few braincells that didn't make it.  I've just paid the pharmacy account and I say Doc Marvin is not afraid to throw everything at bacterial chest infection.  I do agree with no antibiotics for viral infections but a bacterial one in an older person needs the works.
Bad luck is still dogging the family.  Sister broke the middle toe by crunching it into the very heavy leg of the coffee table. I think she'll be using up some of the sick leave before she retires. Murphy's law, of course, this is the second time she's broken that toe but she was younger and managed to hobble around the ward from patient to patient.

I found out why there was only a pamphlet with the desktop, in the fine print were the instructions to go to the site and download a PDF with every thing I need to know.  At the moment all I need to know is how to get rid of adchoice and why can't I use everybody's blog list.  A little hand comes up and goes snap at me.  And I still can't find my CD with all the fonts I'd backed up.  I'm still moving bookmarks but I have to do it one at a time in case pr0n has snaffled some of the older sites. 


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you. I would very, very happily share my bathroom with penguins.
Having broken several toes this year I feel your sister's pain. For a minor injury it hurts a LOT.
Yay for Doc Marvin. Again.

JahTeh said...

EC, your no-door shower is exactly what I want. I will certainly be looking for someone who wants an old bathtub for a horse trough.

River said...

those PDF files are a nuisance. I downloaded one with phone instructions once as I'd lost the instruction book and was giving an old phone to a friend. of course she wasn't going to be able to spend ours at my computer reading it so I printed it.....many many pages and much time later I finally went to bed.
Doc Marvin is a treasure.

JahTeh said...

River, I went to the site but I have to put in the ID number of the desktop before it gives me anything. Of course the number is in the most awkward place to get too so I gave up. The instructions for using 8.1 Windows is okay if you're only interested in the iPad view. They give very little on the classic XP. I don't want to be swiping my fingers all over the screen and I won't be buying any of their apps.

Davoh said...

Hello, again (was trying to think of some witty comment but words fail me ... heh).