Saturday, February 28, 2015

I am sick of my mother!

Isn't this great for an elderly indoor cat.  The Bear would love one that jutted right out of the kitchen into the apple tree.  The birds wouldn't but would probably catch on and stand on the top and make faces at him.
You can see from the size of this bead that it's designed to go on a Pandora bracelet.  I just wouldn't have the control or the patience to manipulate the various coloured glass to make it.  My hands are barely able to open a chocolate box without injury.
This is also a bead, a focal bead, the centre of a necklace.  We have the moon, stars and a swirling sea and more than a truck load of talent to do this.   


Mother is sick again and I don't care a fig.  I was down there for three hours yesterday but she waited until a friend of our came in after I left to go into a decline.  The friend is more sympathetic than I am these days.  Mother said she hid how ill she was from me because she didn't want to worry me, what BS.  As though I haven't spent the last 10 years just judging how ill she is by just watching her but she had all her minions running around after her and ringing Doc Marvin. I was rung by the friend last night and had a report which was nothing like the phone call from mother this morning.  I am worried for the friend since she has become a target of a nasty at the Home who made comments up the line that she does so much for mother that her daughters must feel pushed out.  Bwahahahahaha!
I'm constantly telling her not to fall for the old bat's manipulations but she's kind and says she doesn't mind.  Sister is popping in this afternoon for her usual 5 minutes but I've warned her so she's going to try and get hold of the nursing notes and see what the medication is.  It's not infection, it's just the usual heart not functioning enough to pump out fluid collecting in the lungs.  But believe me she'll hang on until next Saturday when she turns 85.  That could have been my breaking point yesterday when she  said something about her birthday and added that it was only 5 years then until she was 90 and she might make it yet. 
 That's serious, look how fast this year is going, it's March tomorrow.


River said...

Angel would love that kitty window and I love the beads.
Your mother is a wily one, but you've noticed how fast this year is going, so the next five should zip by too. Next time you buy a box of chocolates have the checkout chook take off the cellophane for you.
March tomorrow and on Monday my youngest, my baby boy is 34! Isn't your birthday in March too?

Elephant's Child said...

Love the cat haven and those beads (particularly the second).
It sounds to me that you deserve a present for your mama's birthday. Gin and chocolate leap to mind. Or beads.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm a legendary Leo, doesn't my divine blog show that? As for chocolates, all I wanted last week was a box of common old Cadbury's Roses but the stress of unwrapping each chocolate was almost too much. My boy would have been 42, I can't imagine what he would have been like but in my dreams he was a marine biologist and sailing Australia, dangling his dipshit wife over the side as bait for Great Whites.
It's a nice dream, for me.

EC, I cannot see Jewell and Jazz sharing a sunny spot like that. I have found the most divine French bakery and I'm buying several cakes for next Saturday and I'm leaving them at home for me.
You will both be very pleased soon as I've found the Christmas presents I was making for you two years ago, right beside the sewing machine. Who would have thought to look there?

Andrew said...

R is the kindest person since sliced bread to Mother, unlike her neglectful and uncaring children. We all tell him, don't fall for it, but he does. He does know her ways though and falls for it to the point where it suits him and no further.