Tuesday, February 24, 2015



Back soon, going to the Doc's. I'm sick of feeling sick.
Probably just my mother draining off my life energy every full moon.


River said...

Oh I hope you're okay, there's a virus going around, I believe they call it the flu..hope you don't get it.

Ann ODyne said...

great photo - I loved Alan Rickman well before Snape. and you're as awesome as those two as well.
Don't let the dreary detail of the days drag you down. I take a lot of heart from knowing that nearly everybody is having a crap time and I'm not alone.
You'll be cool. x x

JahTeh said...

River, just a stress fracture in one or two bones in the foot. Can't do a thing except x-ray now then another later to see if it's worse.

Annie O, my sister says why don't I talk to my friends when I'm feeling bad, great except all of my friends are on the Titanic with me and we're sinking rapidly.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

oh FFS sisters. This little Only Child knows we are all sliding around that Titanic deck on our steamer chairs. all of us.
and we do talk. bless all the gods for the world wide webz, and cat Pintrst, venting spleen on Twittr etc. oh yes Twttr is an ocean of vented spleen. If I didn't have to now drive 45 kms to a supermarket I would go there and add some more.
One thankful thing is that the coming week only has one unbearable hot day. Saturday is 32 and then rainstorm.
yrs truly,
Grateful For The Small Things.

JahTeh said...

Stacks, I'd like to make it to a lifeboat then I could drag all of you with me.
Next week I am supposed to get a fasting blood test, foot x-ray, diabetes appointment, podiatrist and still haven't been to the sinus specialist to find out what's going on behind my deviated septum.
And I'm sitting in a house without one tiny piece of chocolate, damn.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

the blood test is good: one discovers interesting things IF you ask for a print out, then at home you guugle all the weird words and levels and learn much more than even lovely DocMarv tells you. the fast is good too, and so is that 'one' piece of choc.
1st day of a new month is a good point to launch Era Of Diligence and do not even buy icecream chocolate cakes or any baked Easter goods. Fruit is just as sugary as all those all well.
ALDI has shelled pistachio + hazelnuts for only $3.50 at the moment. buy 6 bags. good substitute when munchies scream at you to fail your health.
New news yesterday that researchers have finally figured out It's The Emulsifiers Dummy which R screwing with our weight. stay tuned for more.
x x