Sunday, February 15, 2015

Size 12 concrete blocks

I saw this and immediately thought of River and Angel always trying to sit on the keyboard.  Mind you knowing cats, they would expect you to put the laptop on the cat bed and let them have the desk.

I am hurting again.  I folded up all the washing yesterday, bent down to pick up the washing basket while turning around, you know like chewing gum and walking at the same time.  Perhaps I just had a hangover from watching Darcy Bussell's ballet programme on SBS and thought I was still graceful in my largeness.  Graceful, maybe, ballerina balance, zero.  I went down like a sack of spuds.

Unlike last time when I'd waxed my feet and slid across the carpet to land gently flat on my back, this time I knew if I tried to get up I'd really hurt myself.  Bite the bullet and ring 000 again, oh the embarrassment, again.  First slide on bum to the folded clothes and put a dress on since I'd planned to shower and wash my hair so was still in night dress at 4 in the afternoon.

They rang back 3 times to see how I was because I said it wasn't urgent, I was an experienced sitter on all surfaces and wasn't harmed.  Last time they brought just the little pump up cushion, this time it looked like a life raft off the Costa Concordia. I slide over and the ginormous thing does its job and I feel like Titanic rising out of the depth in Clive Cussler's book.  I stood up and walked to my chair, no problem. The ambo said it was for people much bigger than me, thank you, says I. 

Of course I fell on the side where I'd ripped off the toenail last week, where I'd scratched the leg last week and now had carpet burn down the thigh. They asked if I was dizzy when I fell.  No, I just need another two sizes on my feet to balance the arse and learn to do one thing at a time, like turn first, then bend to pick up.  The BOH when he finds out will be round here to put a seat belt on the treadmill.  I walk okay on that, I'm holding on.  Walking to the shop this morning was sedate and close to every fence so I figured that was my exercise for today.  That and keeping two steps ahead of the breakdown that's chasing me. 


River said...

*snap* I did my washing yesterday too!
The only way Angel would sit on one of those things is if I wanted to put my cup of coffee and sandwich plate on it. He prefers to snuggle close to the keyboard until it is covered in cat hair, then moves to the side where the warm air comes out.
Sorry to hear you have fallen again, relieved that you aren't hurt, but please be careful. Perhaps put the washing basket on a table or bed so you don't have to bend so far down?

JahTeh said...

River, it was bad enough that I was sitting down to fold up the washing. It's just that my balance is so bad that I have to think about what I'm going to do before I do it.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

Why does stuff like this happen when we are not dressed for company?

It simply won't do.

Glad to hear that you are OK.

JahTeh said...

Kelly, I could have left the nightdress on but it's 20 years old cotton and is now 18th century diaphanous.
I will be okay tomorrow when my coffee icecreams turn up with the grocery delivery.

Ann ODyne said...

darling Coppy those coffee icecreams are wiping out the benefit of the treadmill work. I love you but ...

ditto what Kelley and River said though, on every point.
I also have to go slow and 'think' before every step, 'only' 75 kgs but every joint and muscle aches and there is absolutely nobody to look after me if I were injured.
How did they get that cat to sit where it's supposed to? mine jumps on the keyboard all the time, except now she is sleeping off the food she got at 6am after jumping on me till I woke.
wishing you all the coolest possible weekend.

JahTeh said...

Annie, not trying to lose weight not at 28 calories per 5 minutes but build up the leg muscles which might help the peripheral neuropathy, fancy smancy name for nerve damage which I probably got from sitting in crappy chairs at nursing home.
Darling nephew came in today and said I must ring him and he will come and lift me off the floor, bwahahahahaha. Bring a crane.